Monday, January 25, 2010

the second part of the disco....for Seth Apter...

I was going to post the weak and I do mean weak photos of my second part of this Disco collaboration but somehow I lost them in this computer...I am hopeless at times when I get frustrated by the technology and miracle we have at our fingertips. I will try again later ...I know they are in here but finding them amongst the vast pockets of memory and photos...does anyone else ever have this happen to them in trying to retrieve specific information???

I went to show my wares...images of the Adena and Hopewell cultures and the Mounds here in Licking pens, tees, hats, bags and coffee cups. Small tokens that could be purchased to raise some additional funds for our visitors bureau center...the state of Ohio's funds is gradually disappearing due to the economy and we are fortunate enough to have quality people working and marketing the affordability and special landmarks in our sometimes overlooked for travel plans. Susan is off to New York tomorrow to invite buses and tours to come on down to Ohio! They decided on a dozen coffee cups to try for the center's gift shop...small affordable but art created by a local artist to bring in moneys for our county's benefit. Thanks to Mr. Ken he has this worked out and we will continue to seek out more affordable sources to reproduce these small items. One small baby step forward.. I read today a quote.."trust yourself" and take the risk. It is not the end of the world if it does not prove profitable but this is a small way to contribute to the works of many hands working together.

I am working on my January Wolf Moon collaboration...I am not making a doll but that is just fine. I am more of a small composition girl with the chance to embellish with my favorite mother of pearl beads, natural stones and relics from the language of symbols employed by Native Americans. I am enjoying working to flute music from Nakai and a CD from Rita Coolidge with a spiritual theme to guide my hands to make my marks. I will show you few images of my blue moon and my sketches of my young wolf pup. Have a wonderful evening and stay is snowing again...but it is still January! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a wonderful set of january wolf moon pictures. Love to hear about such a generous group of people for a worthy cause. I just know that you will raise lots of money for your county's benefit. Here's to much success!

  2. Love the Jan. wolf moon pictures. I had fun making my Jan. FWM doll but don't know if I will make a doll for every month. I've loved all the work by everyone in this project.

  3. Spectacular drawing Mary Helen. You have really captured something in the eyes!!