Sunday, November 29, 2009

a day to reconnect with past memories ...

Today we were quite the elves with the warm weather assisting us as we unloaded the numerous boxes of lights and trees and sleds. After a few hours our cabin was twinkling in sparkling stars, snowmen, trees and bright plaid ribbons fluttering in the winds as the rains slowly moved in for the night. As I opened each small music box I remembered the year we selected each one and how the girls would plead with us to play them one more time. I found their stockings and touched their special ornaments and I felt my heart swell as my memories flooded down my face is sweet salty tears. Colored papers and treasures burst open in the living room and I know tomorrow I will begin selecting appropriate papers for each grandchild's presents. I have not had a job for almost a year so I decided to keep the gifts simple and mainly handmade for each member of my family. A cupcake dress, and dinosaur pillow, and a few more selected pieces to be completed in the next week or so. For the older girls I have some warm and very cute things to wear in the New Year and with a little extra time I am hoping to select a memory gift that they will hold onto in the years to come. Their parents can buy their electronic doodads and games that I am not too sure how to play.

I have had a day with more... more... more boxes than I realized we have ever collected over the 23 years here in our cabin and if I close my eyes I can see Erin, Sherry and Tina flying down the stairs to see what Santa had delivered in his sleigh of eight tiny reindeer. I had decorated the Christmas breakfast table with red teddy bear tablecloth, my festive Holiday dishes and fresh homemade cinnamon waffles and hot chocolate ... I miss those mornings so much right now. My daughters are grown and living their lives with their beloved families and I am so proud. But for a moment I wish we could return to that first Christmas morning in our cabin on the Hill.

Today we have our health and wonderful, diverse families to love and they have given us six miracles...six beautiful grandchildren. Today we will have new rituals and new traditions to share with my greatest gifts in my life. Several artists have emailed me about my simple life but I have a favorite quote that says it so much better than I could have ..."Live simply so others may simply live. I live such a blessed life and putting up handmade ornaments from the past, unwrapping old Christmas cards, caressing a child's stocking...filled my heart with gratitude and joy. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a lovely post and the quote is wonderful. You seem like such a humble a warm person. I love the way you write from your heart. xo

  2. Oh, the tears are welling up in my eyes, as I read your post, and feel a similar "loss" of the days when my own were little ones. Your description is not only beautiful, it perfectly captures the beauty and emotion of where we seem to be in life right now. Thank you...

  3. Dear Judy and Gayle, Thank you both for such loving words...change happens for a reason...this quote came to me from another writer and it seems so apropriate. Imagine Peace, Mary Helen