Friday, November 13, 2009

The quiet moments of my did I know it was the 13th?

Our dreams are so important as the woman who wrote the vampire Twilight series explained today on Oprah...Stephanie Myers (spelling) "Delicious reading" that I have meant to get to sometime to read but alas my plate is too full these days. She had this incredible dream experience and decided to write it down just for fun...who would ever guess she would inspire a new trend in both publishing and the video movie development. The young mother of three kept this secret writing to herself and was turned down by several publishers. This phenomena began as a visual real in the process of writing that the synchronicity continued to build in momentum. Art saves lives and creates a fantasy world to energize our spirits and dreams.

Ken is moving downstairs our old vintage dining room table so we can give Erin and Chance our cherry set for their celebration of a family Thanksgiving. Lord help me when Ken works around my studio... a mysterious space on its own...maybe Dan Brown needs to investigate and write his next novel here. I wanted to put some hours/time into making a new long artsy jacket for next Tuesday's annual dinner. Maybe tomorrow because I have been out most of the day and will cuddle down and continue my quilting the chain stitch for Kath Walker's mystical hair.

I went to my grand daughters elementary school for the Veterans memorial presentation. To make a long story short... the time mix-up prevented me from seeing the program but I decided to stay and wait for the buses to return and get a photo of Maya and Sabrina getting off the bus. I think they were surprised and at least they knew I was there in spirit and support. I then went in search for additional hand formed/crocheted design elements to use in my narrative pieces for the exhibit. I slowly walked around listening to Christmas music wafting through the shop and discovered several vintage works that I truly cherish already. I then went to another shop to pay my bill and found myself picking up a few very small Christmas gifts for my family. I can not say anything about them because some of my readers will receive these later on for the holidays. I was out and about but still felt a calm quiet moment to study the others out shopping for their loved ones. I am going to really focus on the quiet gift selections this year and try not to succumb to the feeding frenzy we often see developing out in the malls as the season becomes over commercialized and the almighty dollar is the measure our society incorporates as the "Best" gift to give and receive.

It was a warm sunny day so I stopped by McDonald's for a large ice tea (still only one dollar) and noticed the final, one red leaf dancing in the breeze at the end of the barest of branches and rushed back to the car to get my camera to seize the moment in a clarity only a photo can provide. With our simple digital cameras we have the possibility to hold onto a thought/image about making a life. Remember the calm moments we can hold onto to and have a gentle evening making your sacred marks. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Don't those single leaves have a spectacular impact??? I find that here----one leaf left, one tiny flower remianing. There is a moment of admiration for the tenacity of the little thing!