Saturday, November 21, 2009

rituals and ceremonies of honor....

I have had a very busy day filled with human emotions from sorrow to extreme happiness. We attended a memorial celebration for a dear friend who had lived a heroic patriotic life. A gentle, gentle gentleman who raised his family in the purest of love and dedication. It had been a long time since I had witness an honor guard ceremony and taps with all divisions of the American Armed Forces present. (Back in the times of Vietnam and the horrors of war on families I grew up with in Louisville, KY.) The minister player on his accordion "Let there be Peace on Earth" and "Amazing Grace" as he shared the Lord's Prayer, the letter to Corinthians and the Saint Francis of Assisi's affirmation to make me an instrument of Peace. Yes, we were saying goodbye to the human vessel but we will live with his generous spirit as long as we take breath here on earth. We reunited at a nearby church cafe for a lunch shared with memories and love.

We then attended to yearly football rivalry of Ohio State vs. Michigan at the home of dear friends of over 20 years. OSU won and there were many happy touchdown dances during the afternoon and delicious home chili and assortments of finger foods, cheeses and Ken homemade fudge. Before we knew it the afternoon had flown by and we headed over to deliver the table leaves for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast at Erin's house. We had a few moments to play with the baby...Morgan was all decked out in scarlet and gray as a Buckeye from birth tee. Suddenly I realized how totally physically exhausted my body and spirit was. I reached my house and fell into my bed for a short nap....a restorative rest to enable me to finish my last touches for my contribution for The Pulse collaboration for surprise Sunday tomorrow!!! Forgive me for being short but I have work to finish. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am still tired.....and I am resting. I did not realize how much this mast project took out of me mentally, physically and creatively.
    So today will be a nothing-done-day, and you know what?
    That's okay!
    I hope you get the chance to have one too! (they're pretty nice!)


  2. Well, I'm glad you rested. I wish I had finished the project for Seth. I've been taking my medicine like a good patient and drinking my water and sleeping like the dead.
    I would have cried my way through that funeral.
    (((((((take care of yourself))))))))) :)Bea

  3. I love you both...we are not resting today... we are delivering the cherry dining room table to Erin's and Chance's dining room. Then we will put the new Christmas decorations up and have a home cooked roast to rejunvenate and then come home to send in my finalized PULSE project. Talk to you later! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  4. It sounds like your friend had a wonderful memorial service and what more can we ask for at the end of our lives here on Earth? I hope your Thanksgiving turns out to be a wonderful day full with the love of friends and family.