Sunday, November 15, 2009

tenacity is a good quality...Life is so short we must move very slowly. Thai proverb

I am in a state of loss.. a loss of words of comfort...a dear friend has lost her best friend but was held in the gentle hands of Hospice guides into the next light. My words are feeling empty and I am so grateful for their friendship but as of now I do not know how to ease her pain in this overwhelming loss. The circle of life is a true mystery for those who are more wise than myself to explain...until then I will count my "happies" and rejoice in the time shared with the ones I love.

We are getting the "clear the deck" feelings again as we ready ourselves to deliver the big dining room and 10 chairs to my daughter's home for Thanksgiving. I am very happy to return to the old but dearly loved oak dining room table back into our space on the first floor. Ken moved a worktable for me into the studio and hopefully there will be another reorganization process evolving in my space. I usually do not enjoy this revamping but it will give me an opportunity to reset my focus for the next projects on my list of things to do so I can revamp my time schedule for November... the month is magically disappearing right in front of my eyes. I need to remember my own words ... calm quiet movements and calm quiet movements ...the guardians of all artists. The weather is crisp and pretty soon I won't want to go out in the cold and my nesting urges will be fulfilled by the solitude I enjoy in my space where I am privileged to create my marks. The light is good and the view out the full length window is an intimate view to the heart of my private woods. Sometimes my only visitor is a calm quiet visit from the deer peering back into window as if he or she is wondering what I am working on. I feel a communion with this wild creature as if we witness each others journey.

Tonight I volunteered at the Midland Theater for the amazing Chinese Acrobats performance...this was a full house and the community was not disappointed. The standing ovation for these young dancers and acrobats from a distant foreign to how we live here in Licking county and yet so familiar in many ways. The human balance and ballet of movements were inspirational to my body moans with the presence of arthritis I could see the power of movement and how vital it is to keep on moving. Sorry but there are no photos allowed but I wish you could have been there. Back to work for the evening and enjoy the quiet moments left in your weekend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sometimes the only words for loss are none; it is the matter of being there and supporting the friend, listening as they need to talk and if the time arises, asking if they need to let it out.
    November gives me the screams (more so at the moment with deadlines) because I know Christmas is around the corner and life passes too fast.
    I remember when Fall went by it goes from September to New years in a blink of the eye.
    I think I, too, will do some studio revamping after this current project; try and make better use of space and the yearly digging out of junk. ;) What can I say?


  2. I want to thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment...thank you. I just finished reading some of you blog entries and I enjoyed much. You're truly blessed with not only the gift of needle and thread, but the gift of words...great combination. Take care and I will come visit often and if Anne is your friend, you're alright in my book!!! LOL

  3. I will be thinking about you in your studio space while I work in mine. I watched a stag stroll through the woods this morning. No rush, no hurry even though there could have been hunters. From the size of his antlers he's been around a while.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your friend's friend but it really does make you think about your own life. I have seen the Chinese acrobats twice. They are spectacular. Yes November is flying past really really fast. Before you know it, it will be Christmas and then 2010. Can you believe it?