Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gratitude ... a simple thought that gives us all possibilities...

Ken made three of his four pies for tomorrow's dinner for Thanksgiving dinner. I made a fresh cranberry orange relish with walnuts, small bite sized pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting drizzled on top and finally only for my Ken ...I made his favorite...oyster dressing. Everyone is bringing a contribution to the menu and the children have a few arts and crafts projects plus a Disney movie while we all wait for the dinner bell. Tomorrow we will gather to share the gifts we are blessed to have but in the back of my mind I am sending affirmations and prayers to our men and women who are serving away from their families to ensure our freedoms and national safety. The families struggling to put food of any kind on their tables and the unfortunates who may have lost their jobs and homes. I do wish our media would zero in on how if each person reaches out to someone alone the circumstances would gently change for the better. I guess I am not all that interested in shopping on Black Friday in the malls: first money is tight and second I am hoping I will take the girls to Holiday Traditions at the Works to create their 2009 fused glass ornament. Then in the evening I am working with the Midland and opening night for the Nutcracker production. It is also the lighting of our courthouse on the downtown square with Santa arriving for the Holidays on top of a shiny firetruck. I realize this sort of small town stuff but this is what makes memories in our hearts. Have a blessed day with those you love and remember to call home to your family if you are unable to make the trip this season. I am going to start my handmade Christmas cards this weekend for my brothers and sisters. Ken has already created a DVD of his mother's 89th and had them in the mail yesterday. I wish I could be that efficient in my thought processes and delivery. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Last night John turned to me and asked me when the day after Thanksgiving became Black Friday. I said I had no idea.
    My little town market had bags of Thanksgiving meals all made up. The local high school put the ingredients in the bags. For $50.00 a person could purchase a bag, that would feed six and it would be donated to the local food pantry. We did what we could. Our local food pantries shelves are almost bare, times are so hard for so many. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. :)Bea