Tuesday, November 24, 2009

today was one for patiently planning the Thanksgiving celebration...

I received this Scrap Award from my friend Anne in Peru, In. now I have to make a list of ten revealing 10 smack in your face truths about me!

I had some time for a little extra quiet calm time as I get physically and spiritually ready for the coming of the Holidays here in Newark, Ohio! I went down to retrieve my three funny snowman pendants that I created with a few friends at the Works Glass Studios. They have a child like appeal in my eyes and will be so much fun to wear in the next couple of months. I then found the new location of our St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift store. They are working very hard to provide a men's shelter for the homeless and a food pantry for nourishment for the many unemployed in the area. I found a few more fabric items and some small holiday supplies to use to decorate with the girls in the next couple of weeks. After this excursion I hit Michael's for some arts and crafts project for little boys to work on at the art table while the Turkey is in the oven. I purchased a new Martha Stewart paper punch of a Christmas tree ...arbor de Navidad...arbre de Noel. No matter what language you speak everyone loves the Christmas centerpiece of the home... the Christmas Tree. I stopped by my daughter's house to give them their craft projects for their Turkey day...the girls are off for six straight days for the Holidays. Tina was working from her home and the girls were very excited to have a real holiday so hopefully they will be able to attend Holiday Traditions to make their very own fused glass ornament at the Glass studios and attend the cookie decorating and a few other surprises ...fun things to explore while Mom and Dad work. I then met Ken for the BIG grocery shopping expedition..whew even with two of us the job was time consuming but we did it! I had a certificate for a $1o.oo that would expire from our Kohl's store tonight. I needed to get an exchange so I can start wrapping. I told you we had a very busy day!

Now I am home and the weather is showing visible signs that a frisky cold front is beginning to move in...well November is almost over and we have had very few cold days and nights. I have some snowman work to do while the breads are baking and the pie crusts are being rolled out. I want to sort and rearrange the combined dining/living room to set the mood for candle light and making the room festive in a simple mode of fashion. The openness of the room is a good change for us and we can make the space accessible for winter life in front of the fireplace. I have some more quilting stitches to complete before I can begin to add the delicious beads and embellishments to add another layer of metaphors on my Kath Walker piece.

I picked up the latest edition of Altered Couture and it is truly inspirational in the projects they present in a short 145 pages. It is nice to sit down and have a cup of tea and study methods to alter my own tired clothes ...they are not really worn out but I am tired of their appearance/looks. Skirts and dresses, tops and pants, jackets and vests and shoes plus all the accessories you could possibly dream. This magazine is a great jumping off point for the upcoming 2010 after the holidays close for this season.I look forward to the children's section since I will be making a christening gown by January 3 for Morgan's baptism. I am cutting up the flowing train from the wedding's dress and have a few ideas to make it a simple but elegant gown for her day.

It is almost midnight and I need to get to bed and try to sleep. We will be busy for the nest couple of days. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Mary Helen,

    I spent the day sleeping, as the weather is such here that moving is NOT easy! I felt guilty yesterday; today, not at all! If it wasn't raining I would head for JoAnns and splurge on a pack of paper. But being made of sugar as I am....I would melt! LOL!!!!! (salt melts too....)
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow; I am allowing another nothing done day today. I might run the sweeper.....who knows.
    No, probably not. I want the universe to stay in place.... ;)