Saturday, November 28, 2009

joy is rising and life is so good...

I will be short tonight because I have had an incredible couple of days starting with the celebration of Thanksgiving with my family. Then I came home to be here to light the courthouse on the square and the opening night of the Central Ohio Ballet Company's 8th production of the Nutcracker. I was a ticket taker on this evening and had time to pass out a few hugs to some dear families as they pass through my ticket line. The Holidays are definitely here and the Joy is ringing through out the city. I also attended a small intimate opening for Tony Reynolds miraculous wood turnings and furniture. He has experimented with the use of natural dyes for several of his vessels and they are stunning! Late on Friday night at 10:45pm I pulled up my driveway to literally drop into my warm soft bed!

Today I worked the matinee performance and yesterday was wonderful but today was GREAT. The small kinks were worked out and the performances seem to be growing stronger. At intermission I assisted my friend Liz Argyle with family portraits standing beside the large Nutcracker for Christmas memories for personalized Christmas cards. I came home checked my latest bills that have just arrived and had a quick bite and we headed over to the Argyles for Family game night. Life just does not get better but I am so tired I doubt that I will make much sense. I promise tomorrow to stay home, relax and catch up on my laundry and begin wrapping a few presents. I have the dining room table decorated and a small Christmas tree begin the family decorations. Now we can get out the Santas and snowmen to set out for the month of December...each one collected with a memory to collaborate a time and ceremony of our family. Forgive me I need to cut this short. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernanadez Stewart


  1. OMG......that leg stretch makes me want to CRY!!! In my younger days....maybe..... ;)
    Take some time and enjoy yourself---we'll be here when you get back!
    And rest girly!!!


  2. Thank you for sharing your wonerful pictures and notes about your holiday week. If more people could remember that the holiday is just an opportunity for us to be with friends and loved ones and not a stressful time. If their family causes them stress then reach out to an area of the community and volunteer your help. Focusing attention outside of oneself is healing.
    Your rest today is a good rest, it's one that came from giving so much of yourself with joy.