Sunday, November 1, 2009

Volunteering for the Coalition of Care...

Today was beautiful and the sun was never a purer source of energy. I went down to the Midland and volunteered for a special afternoon Gospel concert to raise awareness and funds for the Coalition. Forty three churches from all denominations unite to offer assistance to families struggling in a harsh economy and poor job forecast. The need is up over 60 % from last year and the newspapers say we are seeing an end to the recession. This group of individuals began their compassionate ministry in 2005 and I first learned from Bernice Seifert...another LCA artist who volunteered for the Coalition once a week and she is in her wonderful 80"s! Their goal is simple put love into action by responding to spiritual and physical needs of people on the verge of crisis. The volunteers help their clients identify their immediate need, take steps to verify their request and help with transportation to medical/dental/prescription assistance. I was moved to tears as I witness love in action. The Newark High School Concert Choir opened the afternoon events with an acapella group called the "Southgate Acapella Singers" following closely behind. One of my favorite Bluegrass groups "Frosty Morning" with Oscar Ball, Kenny Siedle, Norman Gutridge, Sterling "Pinkie" Bartoe and Forrest Pierce brought the audience to their feet with a rousing bout of incredible Bluegrass. Shawna Corder is well recognized soloist throughout the state with her performance "Jesus Take the Wheel" and her Gospel songs to add to the spiritual energy. Then the Denison Gospel Choir under the direction of Dr. Milton Riffin rocked the house with audience participation...I felt chills in the back of the audience as these young musicians sang their devotion and faith. There was Joy rising as the afternoon came to an end with Christian Life Center Sanctuary Choir under the direction of David Kirk. David may be a small man in stature but I know of few men who sing and dance as well as his congregational choir. I drove home feeling both exhilarated and inspired by the community's out pouring of love .

I have had little time to put my needle and thread to my quilt but tomorrow I have an early doctor's appointment and I am dreading being weighed ...OMG! When I get home I have to catch up on political information for Tuesday's election day. I am not sure where the time flies away to but I can see myself in my dreams reaching up to the heavens to capture fragments to cherish. Imagine and Live in Peace, Happy Harvest Moon!!!

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