Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our greatest experiences are sometimes our quietest moments....

Today has been a quiet day as I said farewell to Amber who is leaving our visitor's center for greener pastures...her family. I have a very fond spot in my heart for this young woman as I got to see her frequently when the center was just across the street from the LCA gallery. Amber has a gentle spirit and a quick smile for everyone which is ideal when a new resident visits for a little extra help and guidance to the gifts Licking county has to offer. I wish you well dear friend and I know we will see each other once again.

I have gotten out a my stitch rhythm because we have been getting caught up on things here at home from our weekend away. My fingers are sore...that has not happened for a long time. I decided to practice on a small woolen beret to put my hands back into working order. As usual when I work on a small process like this I do get rejuvenated because I can see immediately the lost technique returning to my hands. Now I can wear my new beret to a dinner next Tuesday if I do get my long jacket completed by then. I am attempting to use up and organize my wardrobe in a newer more artsy style. To be honest I have not made items to wear for at least seven years and it is renewing to be able change my image up a wee bit. All of it ...the processes inspire my hand works and my visions can take on a new clarity for me. I am hoping to start more drawing and sketching just for the pleasure of seeing in depth the world of quiet around me. My photographs and the number 2 pencil touching a wonderful piece of paper...there is nothing like this visceral experience. I guess the healing is beginning and I have to recognize that good health and rest renews my circles of inspirations.I have searched for a word to explain or describe my process...visceral may not be the correct word but it is the best I can do in the last hours of my day.

Calm quiet movements and calm quiet moments ...the guardians of all artists. Yes, the calling from our partners and our families may require our energy momentarily but if we can maintain a sense of focus and give permission to take the necessary time needed for our work and ever evolving work as an artist. I still have dreaded moments where I miss the precious interaction with the gallery visitors and monthly deadlines to intake, arrange, hang and install monthly exhibits but now I am learning to breathe in the quiet moments. May your days be blessed by quiet moments for reflection and the knowledge that standing still is essential for our journeys. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I hope you don't mind, I twittered your lovely sentence:
    Calm quiet movements and calm quiet moments ...the guardians of all artists
    I thought it beautiful.

  2. Prepare to faint: I took yesterday COMPLETEY OFF! I just needed to sort some things out in my head while the body did little. It was wonderful. I may do it again today!
    I find that, every ten years max, a woman need to recreate herself. People look at me like I'm crazy (well, don't go there...) but in that amount of time we have changed both physically and in the directions we are going and our *outside* self needs to reflect that to support the inside self.
    Go for it'll look FAB!


  3. Thank you ZOM...I don't twitter so let the world find calmness in their corner of the world. Ann...Ken is moving tables around in my studio...Yikes but today I picked up some pretty jazzy purple tights and a shimmer pair of capris...I feel a little like a BIG Marilyn!!! LOL Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  4. You just know I love this post, don't you? Smiling in Verona. :)Bea