Thursday, November 5, 2009

a day o celebrate a dear friend's accomplishments....

Today was a day to remember and celebrate my friend Lynn"s grand opening of her Fabulous Framing and Art Gallery here in Newark. Her husband was so proud and her mother was there to offer support and let her know what an incredible daughter she is. The Chamber of Commerce was there for an official ribbon cutting ceremony and several of the artists were there to show her how much we love her. Lynn is the only framer that I trust my fiber works to in the professional framing arena. She actually hand stitches my works onto the acid free board and materials and I never have to worry one moment about the fear of a glue being added to contaminate and yellow the fabric design elements. Ken put together this short video and you can share in the big excitement. No one deserves this dream come true more than Lynn and Perry.

I have worked most of the evening and I still must start packing for Momma Elizabeth's 89th birthday and we will be traveling with a two year old and nine month of great grandchildren to celebrate with her. I am hopeful we will all stay hydrated, healthy and make this a trip to remember. I am planning on carrying small design units that I can work on in the back seat while we make the five hour car trip. Have a great evening and I will touch base tomorrow. I am feeling tired once again so I will try to get to bed a little earlier to conserve energies for the next couple of days. I think the final jurying process for FAVA tomorrow so cross your fingers and heart that I can make it through until the exhibit opens next May. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Here's hoping you make it into FAVA!!!!! You should---the piece is wonderful!