Tuesday, November 3, 2009

more tests in the future...invasion elements ...scopes...and remembering to relax

I spent the day with Erin and the little ones today at the Works. My Dr. Chance is putting in 48 hours at a stretch this month in surgery/and on call so Erin brought the precious cargo out to Newark to explore the Works. It is a hands on science exploratorium...Is this a word? All I know is that the children are invited in to explore, play and discover possibilities. The curious Tuesday activity was about water and baking soda and the possible reactions...do any of you remember the little plastic submarines we got in our cereal box and played with in the bath tub? This activity was not that exciting but there is plenty of other activities to fill the rest of the morning. I had the opportunity to catch up on the latest activities with my friends there in the glass studios and see the Veterans Military exhibit in honor of World War II, the Korean wars, Vietnam etc. We took advantage of a beautiful day to walk down to Wendy's for lunch with the munchkins...always entertaining for ourselves and several other patrons in the restaurant. Nap time was upon us so the families divided, hugged and went home to catch up.

Ken and I did our civic duty and went to mail bills at the post office, stopped by the bank to cover the checks and now I have $14.79 for the rest of the month...yikes they say the recession is over. Then we went to find a new and distant voting location...are they trying to discourage people from voting??? The confusion was written on every one's face as they struggled to get their individual vote counted. When all is said and done I will call and email the Board of elections and outline the days confusing events...there were even two signs pointing in opposite directions "guiding the Voters???" to their locations. I am so sorry I did not have my camera with me...it would have documented the evidence of government interference/assistance.

We came home to reflect and rest while I enjoyed the movie "Australia" for the umpteenth time...I just love the colors and landscapes of the east coast of this unique island country in 1939 during WWII. Once again the half cast children were sent away to breed and educate according to the almighty white man, the aboriginal blood out of them in the name of God. The people in this movie have an open dialogue about the color of human skin and the hierarchy of a white race demanded by white men on an indigenous culture with their own equally valuable religious beliefs and visions. If you have not had a movie night for awhile this is a three hour movie that is perfect to view at home...in case you might need a snack or a bathroom break. The photography is spectacular but maybe it is because I have been there and witness the colors when the vibrant sky kisses the precious gifts in the land. The seasons of this climate are opposite from my own but over the years I have followed their issues including the great fires and droughts plus with the urban development the loss of natural habitat for the wild creatures found only on this island. Maybe because I am working on several personal narratives about my passion for Australia I have returned to some of my favorite movies to relive the colors and culture.

I need to get back to work and I am hoping your night is filled with sweet dreams. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Ah, we so agree on the points of voting and the interference of the white into aboriginal society values/religions. (which perobably would get me a lecture from the churc, but I've always felt that way.....)
    The Maker is in all and we don't lay claim to Him/Her/The Being. I could go into a conversation on that that would last days...! Best leave it at a short sentence.
    Spent the whole day working yesterday and this a.m. woke to complete fatigue, so it may be couch and bunny slippers today. That seems to be my work level now, but at least I can work. I just hate deadlines.....
    Hope you have a good day and no, you are reight, the recession is NOT over for the average person. Maybe for the wealthy.....and I'm not one of them!
    Take care---your day out sounded most fun!