Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a rainy day in my neighborhood...

I woke this morning in a cloak of soft rain clouds and velvet gray clouds wrapped around my hill...
the whispers from the whirling remnant leaves of my family of trees outside my bedroom window tapped out a quiet mystical message...
Leaves falling whispered their morning inconspicuous guidance for my day's expeditions
I discovered solace in the warmth of a cup of coffee held gently in my two hands as I attempted to overlook the stiffness in my body's joints... the damp cold hurts my vessel...
calm quiet movements ease me into recognition that I can step out from the comforts of my quilt.
I gaze into the images of a time past
the remembrance of a great woman's birthday with her circle of loved ones.
I remembered a favorite quote as I study the shuffle dance of my trees outside the window...
"Keep a green tree in your heart
and perhaps a singing bird will come."...Chinese proverb
I realize I am missing my Carolina Wrens singing their morning praises... their disappearance saddens me this morning of quiet darkness...
Yet, I have faith that in the Spring
they will return and bring new life into our hillside.
I need to write a few friends
I need to find words...words can hardly articulate what I know they are feeling...
to ease their sorrow and grief as they say farewell to their loved ones.
Maybe even the heavens feel the tears following onto the earth
as the grayness never left the day's passage.
Life is a miraculous circle and we are all following our path.

Imagine and Live in Peace,
Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Cold and wet too here, my dear, and this vessel doesn't work any better under those conditions.
    But I am happy as I am down to the last handful of sequins and beads that finish the stars on the banners---no, I had not planned that; they would have been done last night, but something in me said it needed it, and sure enough, it made them come more to life.
    I shall finish it this a.m. as soon as I can move and hold the needle and then finally get my errands run!
    You take care and stay in out of this----I just want snow! :)

    XXOO!! the end of the loooooong banner journey!

  2. I know you will find the right words to write your friends. You have a way with words. A way of bringing pictures to mind when we read your words. It is always sad to lose the physical presence of friends and loved ones. But, I respond in joy that they are on their way again. :)Bea

  3. Dearest Anne...I am so hoping you can make your deadline and still have time for yourself...maybe dancing on top of a table for DH!!!

    Bea I do believe I am hearing my mother's words and I feel her loss every day...I will be putting my thoughts down in my small journal I carry with me. Both of my friends are artists and we seem to understand each other's dilemmas. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  4. Oh I do love that third image!!