Sunday, November 22, 2009

a glorious Sunday...

I spent the day with my family moving furniture for preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving reunion. Our daughter and her husband are bringing us all together in a circle of love in their new home. Young couples have so many stresses that I know I did not have when I was in my twenties and with two beautiful small babies under the age of two. Everyone is coming together to help her and to be honest I have never seen her so happy with this challenge. After we made the official move and relocation I shared some of my own special dinner linens to be used in her family now. One was the hand embellished tablecloth and 8 napkins Ken and I used for our first Thanksgiving years ago and the Fall candle sticks and decorations to set the holiday mood for the families coming together. We then had a home cooked dinner with her slow cooked beef roast that melted in your mouth at first bite. Ken made mashed potatoes that were so creamy we now know we will need twice as many for Thursday feast. Home made crescent rolls made with a recipe from Chance's family that were delicious with melted butter and I did take care to not eat more than two...I know I could do some real harm with all this comfort foods lovingly made by the new younger generation of homemakers. Thank you for your loving ways Erin and your incredible generosity. I feel JOY rising when I look into your eyes as you make preparations for this enormous dinner.

Erin and Chance went out to get a new safe Christmas Tree complete with reindeer jingle bells ready to set the mood for pure frivolity. Believe me their son (he is only 2 1/2) was so excited he could barely contain himself as Dad put the tree with lights together so it could be ready to decorate...he climbed up on the couch and hopped off into the sofa pillows. May we all seek and find the child in our hearts when we celebrate with those we know and love. Take a minute to hold the door for stranger rushing in or out of a chaotic store. Be patient on the roadways and try not to let the sometimes angry drivers get under your skin. Listen with your heart. Find a moment to be calm and rest so your body can with stand the craziness often seen in the time of the year.

I came home a finished a collaboration with a dear friend Seth Apter who is undertaking an enormous challenge of uniting over 100 artists in the 4th Pulse Project. Tomorrow I need to relearn how to send the photos I want to include in this project and I pray this step is not a "too difficult" accommodation for Seth to pull off. I was a little intimidated at the final deadline...would mine be a worthwhile contribution for this incredible process. Self doubt and fear are really enemies when an artist steps out into the unknown. Be patient with me and my processes as I am still a novice when it comes to translating the mystical powers of the Internet. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Thanks for posting Seths blog addy---I went and checked it out and there is a lot of really interesting art, and of course this morning I have NO TIME to read! (later, I say, Later!!!)
    We all are on a learning curve with the net---it is in a state of flux constantly.....much like us and our work and fears.
    I hear you dear. You'll be fine!


  2. You, Bea and Seth have been real catalysts to living in the moment and sharing our simple baby steps to living in a life, a circle of creation with spiritual souls who share the energy of living. You are all so loved! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart