Friday, November 6, 2009

business resources for artists..... the Crafts Report

I have spent the day finishing mundane duties we all have when we are in a family and mentally working on lists of images to develop and getting ready for the bid trip tomorrow to celebrate Grandma's birthday. The weather promises to bring nothing but sunshine and fair weather. I am almost packed and we have everything we need and if we don't I can always hit Wally World. The laundry is caught up for today and that feels good, the snacks are packed for the road trip and I am only taking a minimal amount of things so we can just enjoy being together.

I have worked tonight on my continued journey in my cotton floss journey in mark making. I know I am close now in completion and oh so ready to begin the real beading and embellishments onto the the Kath Walker's horizon section. She is watching from another part of the universe and I honestly feel her presence as I create her portrait image. I have studied old photographs and remember the strong determined eyes when I met her on the warm afternoon in Brisbane in 1993. I hope when all is said and done the viewers will take away her presence of power and compassionate energy. I am mentally composing the green green rain forest piece to continue my narrative affirmation for saving the lush rain forest on the east coast. The fourth directional work will be in the azure blue skies and waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the miracle in the hands of God's creation. I do feel overwhelmed when I realize how much time I will commit to these four works and yet there is an excitement in knowing I am traveling down a path in renewal and celebrating the gift of travel to a land where the women embraced me with open arms.

I have had a discussion about some of the other projects I am researching...specifically my travels to Mexico and the abundance of joy the Aguilar sisters gave me each time I visited their studios. I see their stories on large canvas collages filled with the vibrancy of Mexico's colors and spicy cultural influences. By saying this dream out loud I am feeling the spirit come to me in a most unusual is very difficult to describe but the more I process the images in both my mind and in small timid sketches I can begin to move to the next chapter of my women's work.

I have had to rely on myself for discovering how to market my works... but several networks and the kindness of strangers and synchronicity have generously guided my journey. We never succeed alone so we all need to recognize the power of mentoring and helping another one without compromising authenticity. The Crafts Report is a publication that comes out monthly to help guide artists in their professional growth. The writers are artists, patrons , professionals with experience much different than mine here in a rural part of Ohio. The business advice, technology, current themes and news, improving photography and sharing profiles in success are always covered in this publication. I hold onto my older issues for a constant reminder that making the art is important but learning new avenues, understanding language expressed in the art world and the various scenes and networks out there to help me. I am also a member of American Craft and that is another excellent resource and has helped me to feel confident enough to enter the Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of the year statewide competition. Information is powerful and the how-to-articles nourish both the artist and the retailers plus relevant news of current issues and trends as well as encouragement and recognition. If you have the time let me know how you educate yourself for your corner of the world in making your art. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. I love to hear artists "dream" about future projects. To me it means they are tapping into that wonderful creative force.
    I hope you have a safe journey. Can't wait to see the bead work done. I envy people who can do that kind of work. My fingers are a little to stiff these days for it.
    Dream on, dreamer. :)Bea