Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rereading my own words... Happy Veterans Day to all that serve our life

I have tears in my eyes as I put my fingertips to the keyboard...I ask for understanding when I hit the wrong keys and try to spell my words correctly. If I ever begin to complain about one gosh darn thing ...please kick me in the butt! Yes, we all have financial responsibilities but at times the news is filled with the money aspects of life and we forget to really find and cherish the miracles we receive every morning we awake under the clarity of the blue skies on my hillside. I live in a family where we are accepted for the gifts we bring to one another. Mother Elizabeth is the gift to our world and the outcomes are ours to nourish. As I had a cuddle and a nuzzle with my little man Marshall Cole in the evening (we slept together in the hotel) I whispered that he would change the world for us all...but Grandma I am just small...and then I reassured him we would change the world together. Remember ...this is a small simple thought process but we can all change the world together! Have a great afternoon in your little corner of the world...we are all together!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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