Friday, November 20, 2009

a room filled with magic...two wonderful exhibits in one night!

I attended the Rendville Art Works exhibit at the Bryn Du Mansion in Granville tonight. Pure Magic in both the art and the artists!This studio provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in the act of creating art and to experience the sense of community. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists to further their journey. I talked to a few of the artists present and they were joyfully eager to share their process and focus with me and I felt honored to be able to have a private interview with such soft spoken honest persons. I took several photos of there exhibit and hopefully you will be able to experience this gleeful show full of bold colors and authentic brave brush strokes. One young man creates large ceramic works with the feel of the clay in his see he is very visually handicapped and walked me personally through three rooms so I would not miss seeing his works tonight. One artist painted "The Duke" to honor Duke Ellington...this artist was proud to wear his cowboy hat as he stood next to his painting. Tonight the image of the moon in the clear crisp November sky... the thumbnail of God...a small crescent moon floated above me as I walked to my car. The was a sacredness in the room filled with loving humane artists creating in a place where judgment never rears it head.

I then rushed to attend Nathan Reich's first solo exhibition of his photographs of landscapes in Hawaii and some spectacular images of dyes and inks hitting and swirling in water to express an ethereal landscape of fluid colors blending. Nathan is a giant gentle spirit who is the graphic artist who does the graphic arts for the Works. He is often quiet, gentle and a pleasure to be working with. I would love to print a transparency of one of his images on to a fine Egyptian cotton to hand quilt messages filled in Peace. I miss working daily with Nathan because he was so generous when I had my retro exhibit of the last 20 years of my quilts last year he printed a large poster to help me advertise my location. This exhibit happened to be in the same location of where my LCA had held their monthly exhibits for the last 7 years. I walked in without feeling the sense of loss I have been grieving since last December. And knowing I was supporting another artists in the same space felt good...real good...healing.

I need to get some work done now as the day has gotten away from me. We will attend the memorial tomorrow for our dear friend Bill over in Westerville. I have been calm and quiet readying myself to be totally present for Marsha. I know I will speak when I need to and know just being there with the family is a visual affirmation for our admiration and love for Bill. I am praying the sunshine will warm our hearts and spirits as we say our goodbyes. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Nathan's photography pictures are at the top of the blog and the Rendville Art Works exhibit at Bryn Du Mansion are the lower photos...I am not sure how to label my photos in the blogspot yet. Be patient with me...God's not finished with me yet. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. A great selection of artowrk here. Earlier this week I posted a series of faces. Your post makes the perfect book end to mine!

  3. Love those heads, what a fun time you had. :)Bea