Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the long walk home to Marion...

Happy 89!
this woman of quiet integrity
wife for over 50 years to Marshall...her mountain of a man
mother of nine incredible children ...three distinguished men and six loving strong dynamic women.
I study your hands as you greet the members of your family and church congregation
Your steady strong hands ...blessed for so many moons as they caressed the babies and babies of the her child's children
the generations create circles of loving continuity that will ripple into the future
the ripples flow as if guided by the Mother River of Life... our Mother Elizabeth.
Elizabeth I want to know more...
the time we have is never enough...there are so many voices and questions in the room...
the wisdom you have earned over the decades ...
surviving the trials and tribulations of our life here in our beloved country ...
grieving the losses by issues of warring nations... when will we learn?
surviving the sins of racial injustice for almost nine decades.
Heroine in my heart
for creating the man I have grown to love dearly... Kenneth Allen Stewart
the guidance from day one in how we might face racial injustice ...even now...today
I study your eyes as you study the face of your newest great grandchildren
and celebrate their first steps into an ever changing future.
The things you have seen
the things you have experienced
the pain you have survived
as you learned to walk alone and erect with pride without Marshall.
I study your beautiful face graced with smile lines and furrows on your brow as you await news
news for a child in healing
news of a new life coming
news of a dear friend leaving.
Your heart is strong and brave
your spirit is joyful and filled with promise.
You have lived a full life...89 years and counting... a life filled with promise and faith in the higher powers of God's grace and strength.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth.
The time is never enough with you and your spirit.
Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to what appears to be an amazing woman. Only you could write something about her that would make a perfect stranger feel like they knew her, honored her too and brought a tear to my eye. :)Bea

  2. Wonderful Mary Helen....I think your words describe not only the day, but the life in this exceptional lady, and I agree with you; not enough time ever to learn all there is to know.
    May she be blessed!


  3. My life has been blessed in infinite ways...too many to try to count; but this incredible woman has done what we all aspire to do...make a loving quality life for those we love beyond words. I feel as if I can not learn all her lessons because when we are joined together there are so many voices vying (sp) for her attention... she is so generous so I feel like I am just suppose to witness the miracle of loving. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart