Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have had a glimpse of change...

I know in my heart...the change is just a temporary stay in the season but for today I felt the warmth of a Spring breeze on my skin. The earth had an aroma of sweet renewal and I saw the robins seeking shelter in the pine trees. The wind whipped up the natural debris from the harsh winter passage but for today...just for today I remember what Spring will feel like.

I continued sorting my art stuff and enjoyed visitors in the studio. The Bridge players have returned for their ritual lunch and a couple of hours of good fun. My dear friend Jack Ewald stopped by ...we worked together at Elder Beerman's years back and he is a true lover of all the Arts. A painter, a wood artist and a basket weaver came in for lunch and we shared a moment of true companionship and promised to get together once again real soon. Then another wonderful artist Priscilla came in for the afternoon and we caught up on our latest escapades. Priscilla always makes me smile and we both share a sense of bizarre appreciation and humor in daily living. Priscilla is an amazing artist and always make me stretch my wings when I might feel a moment of hesitation or fear of an unknown. Thank you for sharing these hours with me. Michelle stopped by to share one of her assignments she has created for her COTC design was a tri-fold and looks great! Then I had an early dinner with another friend and we shared a couple hours of how the world of a woman in business today is continually fluctuating and how we need to keep our skills sharpened and honed. I wrapped my leftovers and decided to leave them for the stray cat that someone decided to drop off out in the country...she won't allow anyone to really get close to her but she seems to recognize my little car pause and leave her little bits of foods to help her survive the night.

I am very tired once again but I so enjoyed the warmth of today. I paid some bills and made a couple cards and now need to get to bed. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You know what I just love is how busy your studio space is with people just dropping by to say hello and visit. It says a lot about the energy and love, in your space. They are drawn to it. I suspect it's a very healing spot, too. :)Bea

  2. Yes, the temperatures are beginning to rise here, as well.

  3. It's still cold here but the strength of the sun makes it feel like spring is on the way!

  4. a beautiful day here as well, spring is in the air... rest up and take care...