Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The magic of a friendship and a pot of tea....

I met a wonderful family today from Westerville and the four children were all home schooled and had a wonderful enriching day at The Works. They came over in the morning and had lunch and I made friends with Trinity. She was 8 years old and very interested in the Arts and Michelle's Mona Lisa class project...painted in a Van Gogh thick brush stroke style. Ian, Coen and Alex were busy brothers and I sent them over to watch our guest glass artist Sarah Vaughn's demonstration of her exquisite glass blowing styles. They came over after the glass studio for a Velvet Ice Cream and we had a great time recollecting our thoughts and impressions about their day. I advised them to check into a membership and to come back for the summer concert series. I do hope they are coming back to visit...I really enjoyed this delightful family.

Vicki Noble stopped by with a delicious orange pastry from a Granville bakery and I made a pot of tea to share with such a wonderful friend. I need people like Vicki in my life as I branch out on my own in my own studio. When the weather breaks I need to get to her barn sale and select some items that I might need to use this summer with my students. The sewing machines have been adjusted and are ready for Saturday's lesson and Kasey wants to make her "fish" theme shoulder purse. Vicki and I shared some marketing ideas and possibilities over our tea. She asked me about Friday's "The ARTS on Fridays" and at first i said no but after tonight's emails and maps I decided I will be working in the studio this Final Friday!

When the quiet returned to the studio I worked on several collaged cards ...they help me pay the rent :O)! Judy Handel came in to pick up the two special birthday "lion themed" cards for her two grand daughters. She was delighted and squealed with delight...she had already sent over a bag of paints and ribbons for me to use as design elements in my projects. No one succeeds alone and I am making each day count. I have some people coming next Monday from Dayton to visit and check out what I am working on. I am working on the Hindi translation for my special commission and I need to use the interference paints for the base layer and then add my goddess images and influences ...this is a totally new experience for me in a diverse culture that is so mysterious to my process. I need to get back to work now. Go make ART and breathe in spirit of creating. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Domino continues to amaze the girls with his antics...he is pretty cute :O)!


  1. I enjoyed our visit today over tea and treats!
    Tonight I shared our "memory" idea with a few people at my Bible study...they thought it was a great fact they kept quoting it all night.
    Love and prayers,Vickie

  2. They are beautiful cards.

    The important thing with a journal is that it supports what you need. I wouldn't want you to force it out into the world. Perhaps the poor thing is too sensitive.

  3. Your cards are just lovely Mary Helen and your little Domino reminds me of when our dog, now 8.5 years old was just a puppy. Oh the funny things she did to entertain us! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm looking forward to spring too, especially after the 14 inches of snow we got this past weekend.

  4. Love the cards, Mary Helen. You still have nasty Father Winter out your way?? Spring is setting in out here in the Southwest, but like anything, the weather is very fickle this time of year! We can have 80 degree weather one day, and a snow storm the next!! Due to the arctic blast we got in early Feb. many of our palm trees are dying or dead however, I'm so happy to see my mother's prickly pears coming back...they looked awfully sad there for a while!!

    Have a great week, my friend, and your life is just too wonderful...couldn't happen to a nicer lady!!


  5. Hello Mary Helen, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my work. I'm happy to visit you, aww... look at this puppy's expression, so speaking, love and hugs :)