Monday, February 14, 2011

acrobatics in my studio....I lost....:O)

First I want to say how much I have loved these easy stack able chairs from my favorite Target store....until Friday afternoon when the bracket broke free and I fell back and hit my head ...HARD on the tile floor. I happened to be on the phone with Michelle and sort of dismissed the whole incident...until the headache and goose bump persisted into the evening. I have provided photos of the actual chair and hopefully I will warn future artists not to trust these adorable chairs. I am going to take the broken chair back and see how we can rectify this tearful episode in my life....well at least the broken chair part.

I went in to work today and had a wonderful visit from five friends who have been together for over forty years, marriages, widows ...these wonderful women came in for companionship and love. I was cleaning my workspace...this is quite a big job...I have spread Valentine love all over the worktable. And realized I could make their day shine through the gray skies... I selected five hand made Valentine cards and delivered them w complete with the small candy hearts. I wish you could have been there to feel the warmth in their smiles and little lady told me this was the only Valentine she would receive and it feels great to be a giant wings were in the shop from last weeks fall. Anyway I went to work on a "I love my Cat Princess" Valentine for my friends Don and Betty... and another dear lady came in walking on a walker...she had fallen and had broken her ankle and was on her way to get a new cast for her Valentine's Day! Gail and her daughter Sherry put on a brave face but I know how painful a break can be in the healing process. I guess I was lucky I did not break anything more than my pride with the fall from grace and my broken chair.

I stopped by the girls and delivered their small Valentine treats and to see Domino...boy has he grown and is still the apple of their eye. Poor Maya Rose was not feeling good and she went to bed and fell right to sleep. I helped Hannah with her homework and then came home to take Maya Rose's advice...I ate my egg drop soup and took an early nap.

I apologize for being late for my "fishy" inchie...I just did not get to my required homework this week...I guess I was too busy to playing Cupid in Newark, Ohio! Hey Sandy give me a call...I might be able to help your daughter with your request. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

A day of Valentine surprises..a young mother's joyful exchanges of her pride and joy...her daughter Alanna.

Say a prayer for Gail and Sherry as they continue to discover the road to healing...hurry up Spring!

A surprise bouquet of beautiful flowers for Christine...more surprises to come tonight.

I will let you know how we resolve this Chair issue at Target's tomorrow. I am an advocate for personal safety and especially my own safety. I need to let Erin know about this possible problematic characteristic of this particular style chair.

Happy Valentine's day to all my lovely circle of patrons and readers.


  1. What a strange place for a chair to break! I'm glad you were not hurt any worse! I hope your head feels better!

  2. Oh my goodness...I hope you are feeling better now since your fall.

  3. Scary! Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Glad you are not injured. Pup pu is just so cute. Xox corrine