Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Different day...same story......

I think there are 47 days until Spring returns... the country seems to be covered in a snow/blizzard weather pattern and everyone is in a survival mode. Ken worked on the driveway on and off to crack through the major ice and we are both planning on returning to our jobs tomorrow. The cold temperatures are brutal and many people are without power now and many until this weekend. Last night the snow thunder and high winds made our sleeping difficult...when or if a tree limb would crash down on the house? I find myself craving chocolate pretzel m&m's homemade Prozac :O).

I am showing a couple photos of the scarf I am working on...I need to finish seed beading and some hand-stitches but it feels good on and will be fun to wear. I hope the weather will improve so the fund raiser has a chance for success. I worked on washing my cotton remnants and pressing them for a couple projects: a straight stitch pot holder and funky apron...and then moving on to making a funking collaged shoulder bag. I need to work up a couple designs ...samples and work sheets for working with an even speed for my young students. I gathered some coffee fabrics and black and white accents for pockets and accents. Depending on how well they master the machine I have some wide rick-rack to add another design element.

I have taken numerous naps today and even tonight...I was waiting for Ken to finish his lessons and fell fast asleep. I feel so out of my schedule...disjointed... and well totally inefficient when working on small things. I am working downstairs and need something on the third floor...or I am working upstairs and need something in the man cave on the lower level. I know it is to be expected but I will be glad to go downtown to my studio space and return home for my hand work. Have a safe and warm night. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. YOu got so much ice out there, we got mostly snow at least at our house.
    Stay safe, ice is the worst. Your scarf is fab. Take pictures when you wear it. xox Corrine

  2. It would be scarey thinking a tree may fall on your house due to the weight of the ice. I don't think I could sleep. Be careful and stay warm.
    Love your scarf and the colors just sing!

  3. I just love your use of color and texture - what a fabulous spread - feast for the eyes here. Thanks so much for the nice comment about my current series. When I get all five printed on canvases I will definitely get a picture of them on the wall and post it to share.

    Good luck and stay warm!