Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays...subzero temperatures and I still had iced tea...

I was busy completing a commission for Valentine's Day and had several visitors drop by. The snow came down last night and the trees were so beautiful but as usual the driveway gave me fits as I slid down the asphalt ...I have no need to visit the Cedar Points of the world. I have noticed that I am having more severe memory loss of names of persons I should already remember. I have new glasses but my vision is still disruptive at times...I am not sure what this means but if it continues I will have to visit my neurologist.

The sun was shining as I left the building but it was near zero ... I went to look for some zebra shoestrings for a project I have been wanting to try...but when I got to the store they were already gone. Rats! I then gathered a few odds and ends from the clearance wall...my favorite wall in the entire store. I met Ken for a quick bite to eat before we went to take down and take home my quilts from the lobby of the Licking County Players Theater. The crew were making final adjustments in stage presentation and final week of rehearsal were in progress. I did not want to stare while I was waiting but before I knew it the intimate space had mesmerized me and I was enthralled. I came home and watched Glee..yes I have grown into an official Gleek Geek! I need to make a ribbon Valentine necklace for a very young patron tonight ...by tomorrow.

I am praying my little Kylie ...today she came home from her preschool with an earache and fever. We painted our princess cardboard cutout for her preparation for painting her ceramic tea set. She was feeling pretty lousy but told me she really liked me...I told her I loved her too! I hope when the medication/antibiotics will begin working soon and she will be back to her joyful Princess Spirit! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S. Hey Michael Morris I am up for the Hospice project and great to see you! Carol Mort I was surprised when you stopped by after taxes and I so look forward to having dinner with you next Wednesday!


  1. The little tea set is sooo cute. I still have part of mine which I got at age 6 or 7, so that makes its pretty old. LOL
    Always enjoy your posts. Happy tea day to you.

  2. Well any day interrupted by a pre-schoolers is a good one .... In hope her earache feels better soon!

  3. Brave soul to have iced tea. My son drinks iced coffee all the time because he doesn't like to have to wait for it to cool! I know 10F here and it was a cold morning walking those doggies. Love your cards! xox Corrine

  4. Yvonne you just reminded that I have a tea set.... one painted by my grandma...she painted it for me when she was in recovery from a fall and a broken arm. I think I know where it is and must get it out for the grand daughters. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart