Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday and the sunshine prevails....

The smiles continued to glow as people came in today ...yes the temperatures were frigid but the suns brightened the spirits as well as the bodies of my visitors. I was greeted by two friends who have been instrumental in building, designing and decorating the four newest schools in the Newark School System. I hope they will return and visit me more often now that they realize I am here to stay and this studio is a promising spot for everyone in the Arts. I have been very busy making and replenishing my supply of hand designed Valentine cards...I sold 6 today and have a couple special orders to create before next week. I had a lovely visit from Michele ...she has been very ill this week and her schedule for classes and work schedule are extremely grueling. She has a five hour class tomorrow and may stop by for a cup of tea when she gets out of class. Then I went to have a little fun...I went to our Walgreens to get my Valentine photo sitting in Herbie the Love Bug ...well maybe not the actual love bug but one that has been refurbished and decorated by my friend Priscilla. I have several ideas on how I will employ this image in a special card...project for a narrative project. I then went to pick up a few sale items at our small Joann's Fabric store ...a dupioni silk remnant in a glorious red, a tiny heart punch, some sewing needles with the finest ball points to use in my seed beading stitches. I also found a wonderful large storage box for 70% it was almost affordable but it will be used in storage and display in the front window during the year. I was exhausted when I arrived at home and went up for a rest...which almost ended up a whole night of sleep. Ken was working on his paper and grades downstairs so I cuddled with my dog and cat under the quilts ...and fell asleep drinking a cup of much ado for caffeine keeping you wide awake.

I am now watching Bill Maher on HBO and the weeks review of the chaotic world's global events. Lord help us all find a way to make and keep in America first ...and then later the world will visually and politically embrace the change we want to see in our time here on Earth.

I will keep this short because tomorrow is a very busy day...Tina Marie is 30 tomorrow...I have appointments in the studio...and I am volunteering for the Cocktails by the Fire to support the glass studio. I met our guest artist in residence this afternoon Sarah Vaughn...the tiniest young woman I have seen in the studio. Sarah has been here for less than one week and has the Flu...I felt so much compassion for her because the night is dedicated to here as she demonstrates her style and techniques tomorrow for the Cocktails by the Fire. I am praying the snows arriving tonight will be slight and manageable...fatigue has a way of making this a difficult experience for our local drivers. Stay warm and safe! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Hi Mary, I am praying for the world too. So many catastrophes man made and otherwise. I wish I could come visit you in your studio. It would be such an awesome treat. Love your valentine picture:)

  2. Thank you Deborah!!! You are always welcomed to come on over...but it is extremely cold here right now. I am truly enjoying the gift of sunshine. Have a great weekend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. YOu my friend are the love bug with all the love and hope that your spread. Keep it up, you make us all step up! xox Corrine

  4. ♥LUV♥ your new ride.... :-D
    Yes, the world is so crazy now; All I can say is I hope there are enough sane people to get it back in order. May we be guided by better Spirits.
    TAke care---it's snowing like crazy here again....


  5. Great post Mary Helen! I really like your new car!