Monday, February 21, 2011

A gloomy Monday outside but Joy in the studio....

After a lovely weekend in the warmth of Louisville with family and friends to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in the family. I awoke to a semi gray day but I knew when the BFFs Claire and Charlotte arrived an ray of pure sunshine would flow into the studio. I had pre-cut the canvas bag design elements for them...the strap...the body...the fabric patches...a vintage piece of handwoven cloth from South America to incorporate into pocket sections of their very first sewing adventure. Claire began on the Brother sewing machine and iron,pressed and sewed the strap for reinforcement. Charlotte started and something ...I still have not figured out what happened but we both experienced severe technical difficulties. I called Ken and asked him to deliver the loyal and dependable Pfaff sewing machine. The girls giggled, snacked, drank and sewed on the fabric patches with embroidery floss until the old machine arrived to save the day. By three o clock the girls had danced there way around the studio, played with the jumping monkey and yes made their first sewing project. I learned also to keep the lessons simple and let them enjoy their moment of power...and I did not have to issue any speeding tickets for sewing too fast! They have already asked to work on something for Mother's Day and a possible summer once a week art lesson in the studio. Whatever we do I have to be prepared and keep them busy exploring sun printing, painting fabrics and stamping fabrics for altered clothing pieces.

The Columbus Dispatch had a wonderful review of the "Chairs" exhibit at the Ohio Designer Craftsmen Museum on Sunday. The exhibit runs through March ...I think until the 27TH so please try to be sure drop by and check this wonderfully creative show out. I need to call the museum tomorrow to order my catalog...I think it will be a useful tool for the students coming into the studio. The possibilities are infinite for applications and expansions...sketch book drawings...sun prints...story chairs... wood burning designs and cultural experiences. The Dispatch also published a colored photograph of the Mother Earth felted chair by Chris Lang. You go girl!

I need to finish my "inchies" for fishy and cosmic...I will photograph them for tomorrow's post. The ice and sleet is still on the ground and now big fluffy snowflakes are fluttering down onto my hillside. I am hoping after the early morning rush the sun will come out and help defrost and de-ice the roads and my driveway! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I love working with fourth grade girls...they are invincible in spirit and will change the world with their power and aspirations!!!

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  1. There is always so much joy radiating from your studio, which I suspect comes right from your heart! Xox Corrine