Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday night it is Sunday....

I came home from the studio and went to bed...the exhaustion and fever is kicking my butt. I stayed in bed late on Saturday before I attended the fifth Art From the Heart expo held at the Works. There were over 650 visitors and participants who attended with the intent on creating a healthy community and make individual art works for the cafeteria at our Licking Memorial Hospital. I sat down for four hours and made wonderful Matisse inspired collages from positive and negative shapes. Time flew by and even though I was a wee bit under the weather the experience ...well several people came over to tell me that I was in my element ...cutting...pasting...making art that will grace the walls where families, caregivers, and community members will have a colorful spread of affirmations made and created with love by tiny small hands. This is a celebration of true art saves lives spirits united to make a change in the world of medicine.

Ken picked up some Coricidin Day and Night medication that helped relieve some symptoms mostly at night...I have to be very careful not to combine medications with my Lupus daily/weekly regime. I slept Saturday and almost all day on Sunday so who knows how long I will be up tonight. Chicken soups. green teas, toast and crackers and I know I am on the road back to good health. My hands are actually itching to be working on ...something...anything... this is how I realize I am aware and getting better! The Grammys are blasting in the hearing is nil today....Ken said he could hear the TV in the other room. Sorry :O-

Love the people you love every day...this is nothing new but saying goodbye to another dear artist Thomas A. (Thom) Pagiano who passed last Wednesday. Thom had an credible life here on earth...Marine Corp... Developmental Education Programs...a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design...Ohio University... and this life of life long learning list goes on and on. Thom personally helped me after my brain surgeries... guide me to practice small exercises and keep busy...make art and see the positive in the Universe around me. When I managed the gallery for the Licking County Arts he was a frequent visitor and stopped by with incredible advice on living an artist's life. Art will save humanity and everyone deserves their voice to be heard. He reminded me this closing of my beloved job at the LCA would lead to a more prosperous and grateful life...thank you Thom for believing in me and my journey. I will miss you dearly but will think of you each time I see you hand's work in the few pieces I own from his lifetime creations. I am sending comfort and prayers to his wife Patricia and children.

I do have some very happy documentation of some great Art works in progress from yesterday's Art from the Heart event. The young musicians from the Grammys is healing my body and spirit and the fever is finally breaking ...tomorrow is already a better day! "From the House that built me" is all about seeing living dreams ...united "leave with nothing but a memory from the house that built me" Create a memory from your own heart...Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The future is bright...look into the eyes of these blessed children! I am so blessed. Thank you Thom for reminding us to live, dream and make art...humane arts heal all of us.


  1. I think the photo documentation says it all much better than me reaching to use the correct or right words in sharing this day of healing Arts.

  2. what a blessing you are to your community, MH...hope you are feeling better soon

  3. Lots of smiling faces MH. That's what counts isn't it. I know when all these people were creating that they totally forgot about any troubles they may have. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Mary get into that bed and take care of yourself!!! And yes, there's nothing like the look on children's faces when they're having a great time!!

    Please, please take care, my friend, and even if the spirit is willing, the bod says otherwise, right??

    Have a wonderful week and love to you and that incredible Ken.


  5. I do hope that you get better soon! You need some rest, my dear!

  6. i could feel the spirits of the little matisse artists in your photos! it has inspired a thought in me for some of my art~gracias.
    yes, tell them you LOve them/while they are here. i'm trying to implement that{and even wrote about it today on my blog!}
    i appreciate your insights, your comments, your art process. thank you, my soulfriend