Thursday, February 17, 2011

The thaw continues as the Art makes itself present....

The sun was shining and the air was warm ...and the heating system was too warm! Yikes life has a way of testing our spirits up and down...up and down. The studio was once again busy and with many visitors but I began the gesso process of five small canvases , one 16 by 20 canvas and one large canvas for the commission piece. I worked with my Kylie who is sporting a new pair of pink glasses...I am so in love with this tiny child with such a big generous heart. She worked on her Princess wall project so we can start on the tea set next. She also decided she wanted to make a small collage heart card with Amy Butler's photo on it....Amy designs fabrics and paper products and lives in Granville. For some reason being able to commemorate Amy was purpose enough to make the sweet of course. I wonder if anyone has done research on little girls and their love for the colors of pink and purple when they are three or four years girls were the same when they were this age. Makes you think????hummmm.

I worked on a special tribute to Eric Carle's collage mastery as I am creating a red monkey paper collage on the 16 by 20 canvas for my God daughter Amber's baby shower this weekend. Amber and Mike are expecting their little Mason James on April 18Th and she takes her law exams the next week. Now these young and bright couples seem to roll with the best of them and do not have a care in the world about possible conflicts in schedules or delays. I will pick up the wrapping papers and bags tomorrow after work and then come home to pack for a warm weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope you enjoy the day's progress and wonderful people who dropped by for the day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The vintage linens and fibers are being collected for my Art Apron project with Claire and Charlotte on Monday! Life as an artist is sooooo much Fun!


  1. I love seeing the faces of the children and adults with so much joy!You bring so much joy to so wonderfully rewarding!

  2. I finally grew into the colour pink. My mother dressed my sister, four years older than I, and me in powder blue and pink...I was the pink one!! I grew to hate that colour and refused to wear it for most of my adult life, but now that I'm an old, crazy lady, I'm fallin' in love!! LOL

    Also, I love that red monkey!! My Lord, she's going to have a baby then a week later, take her bar exam...whew!! Well, that's determination and youth!! Best wishes to that family.

    As for your, young lady, I hope you're taking care of yourself. Stay warm. It's been quite warm here, 70's-80's and our allergies are going nuts!! Today I leave for Las Vegas and it's going to be in the low 50's there!! It's never cold in Vegas, but now that Georgina is going, Canada is sending us some wet, cold weather!! LOL

    Have a great weekend and take care.


  3. This post is filled with happy, creative faces. I love that!