Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank you Target...stackable chair replacement with kindness....

You do not hear good news very often these days but today I am proud to spread the good news. II returned my green stack able chair to Target and explained how it had been defective...I showed them my bruised hands and provided what information that I still had on this purchase. I explained that I love the fact that they are stack able and attractive and washable ...perfect for a working art studio for me and children. The service desk representative from Target was a young man named Mitch and with some assistance from the furniture department he tracked down the proper serial numbers and we made an adjustment so that with a gift card exchange I was able to purchase a folding Cosco wooden chair with a padded seat. Now I am thinking maybe I should return the other two chairs... they are perfect for little bottoms to sit on while working and easy to clean up after the paints dry. The Target corporation is a very reliable and considerate corporation that continues to have a life long patron and customer. Isn't it amazing what a little kindness and compassion can do to spread the good news sunshine.

I started out with good intentions and sorted through the Valentine supplies to be easily found and employed next year...then one visitor after another came in ...and people are so much more important that organizational skills. My dear friend Don Gunnerson stopped by for the very first time and promised he would be back to paint once again...and I promised to clear our big wooden table for our weekly art sessions. He is a very generous architect and artist who has donated to every charitable organization here in Licking County. He and his beloved wife Betty are my newlyweds at the young age of 85 and well they are living each and every day in love. My little artist Kylie arrived ready to make ART...we were working on a collage of pretty flowers and pinks and purples. Sometimes it is just great to sit back and enjoy the ride as she makes her own choices and decisions for placement of each and every flower petal. I learn from this free young soul.

I also was touched to tears when my friend with the kindest heart stopped by. We were brainstorming an event in may whee I could work with developmentally challenged adults on an Art project that may be reproduced in possible cards and such to raise funds for future programs. Sandy was looking refreshed and tanned ...she explained that she had taken her sister to Disney World in Florida. She lost a younger sister a few months back to cancer and now the twin sister is in Hospice care for melanoma. As she shared the JOYS and happiness they had shared and experienced in four short days...heaven experienced here on Mother Earth. Even now I am filled with a sense of human connection of sister to sister love and companionship. Thank you for sharing this loving experience with my heart... you are one in a million.

As you can read here in this post I am extremely grateful for the gifts I have received today. I pray that your day was as blessed. I need to get back to work now and hopefully ready for tomorrow's adventures. "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King I love this quote from a brilliant man who changed the course of history. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Hi Mary, I used to love Target a lot but they have become much more draconian with their return policies in the past few years. I am glad you had a good experience with them though. Sounds like you had a beautiful day with some wonderful friends. Enjoy!!

  2. It is lovely to read about your day.

  3. Lovely thoughts and photos- love seeing the young one creating such beautiful innocent art!

  4. Glad to hear your 'return' went well with Target. I think if you are pleasant they will e pleasant in return. Sometimes being assertive is needed, but not aggressive.
    Sounds like you are feeling better. Always enjoy your lovely posts with all the photos showing everyone having such a happy time.