Sunday, February 27, 2011

Frida, Saturday and Sunday...are a blur right now in my eyes....

Friday I was down at the studio for the Final Friday ART walk and had a few brave souls drop by. Ken picked up dinner at the Olive Garden and we had a candle light dinner in the central gallery. He was exhausted from the week and went home to unwind and watch basketball ...March madness is almost here in our household. I worked for a couple of hours and then headed home. I will include some photos as evidence that I love working in my studio on quiet nights.

Saturday Ken went over to Erin's to watch Cole and Morgan while Mommy went to help her future sister-in-law find her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials. I went to the studio and had several wonderful visitors drop by. The first was another painter from Zanesville with his girlfriend and their little girl. They were fascinated with Michelle's "Mona Lisa" and I encouraged them to go over to watch the visiting glass artist Sarah Vaughn's glass blowing demonstration and invited them to come back again. Michelle stopped by after her Saturday COTC class...she is running on empty right now with all the finals and group projects due almost immediately. I remind her she is also working full time and needs to cut herself some slack and find some proper time for a good night's rest. Then Priscilla recycled some envelopes they were going to throw away after the holiday so I can use them to work with my students who have very little money for art supplies. Envelops are an infinite possibility waiting to explode in a young artist's hands. She also brought us sweet Easter treats to relieve the end of the week duties. I began working on my first layers for my canvas commission with golden layers and transfers ...I am a timid builder of my layers but tonight I found myself inspired to dive right in on Monday.

I attended a memorial service for a dear man Thom Pagniano who passed away way too soon. We were gathered in the Fireside room at Dawes Arboretum and the circle of friends and family filled the room with an energy that radiates Thom's passion for living a life of an authentic artist. I then headed downtown for the studio to help set up the tables for tonight special intimate dinner in the central gallery. The space voyage inspired glass blocks with mounted silver stars and candlelight to add to the ambiance of the evening. Marcia brought the wine and Pat Brown created a chicken Marsala over rice dish that was totally delicious with a space age moon pie for dessert. At seven we all headed down to the Midland theater for the Newark-Granville Symphony collaboration with NASA voyages to explore the mystical regions in space...our surrounding planets. The music and the images filled my mind with so much stimulation ...I wish I could have had a photographic memory. I have since discovered that the concert and images will be available on the web after tomorrow! I will include a few photos of my day and hopefully the sunshine we had today will soon grace our mornings. Tonight is is raining but the showers will soon bring flowers and green green grass. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I did have two four legged art patrons visit on Saturday and Sunday afternoon...Baily and Zoe. Hey when did you last have a moon pie topped with Velvet ice cream??? I do not think I will ever grow up...YUM!

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