Wednesday, October 28, 2009

H1N1...hug one and nuzzle the other one...

I can smell the fear in the air as the news stations are covering prayerful parents and pregnant mothers attempting to protect their families from this precarious virus. Truthfully I can see and understand the frantic energies struggling to protect while other families still argue whether this is a ploy to force a sense of panic with others refusing to get vaccination. I did get my flu shot but the N1H1 vaccine has not arrived in my doctors and hospital research centers. I will take precautions, and wash my hands frequently, rest and eat properly and hopefully I will stay on top of things. Chocolate helps doesn't it? Chocolate helps everyone! Tomorrow we will head over to Columbus to help the kids with their little kids and the trick or treat parades...I can hardly wait for the sun to come up. What will I be???

"Our task is to say Holy YES to the real things in our life." Natalie Goldberg---I have once again run around the town like a chicken I have worn my body down. The vintage shops, new wipers blades for my lovely old 1998 in one inch longer than the passengers side; and then to Hobby Lobby to buy the last minute supplies for Halloween. I came home and made Spanish rice with three cheeses on top for dinner with crisp corn chips. The days are shorter and the evening comes quickly and I have developed a bad habit of resting after our dinner together...even with a new cup of coffee I can fall into a nap just like the professionals. Now as I scurry to catch up on about a million emails and sit down to focus on the gifts of my day I realize it is really now bedtime. I found a few more supplies for the exhibit but I will have to age a few of the pieces to add to their patina for my book covers. I wonder if anyone really can understand the process my mind develops when I plant that seed of a wanted image I am working for. Deepak Chopra says we should never say we are running out of time...we are energy...ever just keep on trucking by putting one foot in front of the next and you will reach your destination before you realize it. Warm moonlight is coming on my horizon!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

This is my friend Jan Cabral is Brain quilt...we both have a fascination. And Morgan Elizabeth is all dressed up with no place to go LOL...Thank you Erin!


  1. Chocolate helps EVERYTHING!!!! So do chewy caramels..... <:P
    Well, the H1N1 is quite real; it is not a ploy as friends I know in other states are writing saying about schools being closed and childern passing from it.
    We had it and it was the WORST thing I have every had---right up with pneumonia. I'm hoping one round of it and your body builds an immunity....right????
    I'm worn out too---running and trying to do too much. The couch and knitting is always calling my name....join me!

    Anne.....sleepy, even after coffee.....

  2. I agree chocolate is good for just about anything that ails you...hahaha.Picture of Morgan is just priceless..She's a cutie.Will send some picture's here soon.Taylor gets her school picture's done on Monday.I'm excited.Stay safe and in good health.We've all been sick here.Taylor goes to doctor's tomorrow and mom goes next Thursday...Me if I'm smart I should be going to see doctor too.BUSY,Busy,Busy...Next day off I think.Talk to you later Mary.