Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Indian summer in my hidden valley... shadow dancing

I needed to get a box for shipping and a new battery for a 23 year old watch that Ken gave me years ago. It, the watch is a simple reminder that I wear years later and each time I look to check the time I am gently reminded of his guidance throughout the years. With this moment of cultivated consciousness...remembering the small gifts we receive; I find a new admiration for this friendship. I then asked the warehouse people for a box that I can recycle to ship my beloved work to its next destination and hopefully final judgment. The lady was more than generous and brought out two cartons to consider and for no costs to me or our mother Earth. I now have a clean, sturdy carton that will safely carry my dream work up North.

The sky was brilliant blue today and I took my little old camera with the aspirations of capturing flying milkweed seeds and fluttering blurs of colors floating like flowers on invisible currents. The fresh air and sunshine seemed to fill my body with a missed energy that flowed from deep down inside of my being. I had some difficulty capturing the moments in a photon of light to savor on a cold winter's day. Hopefully if I can get the new SLR camera with my points from my one credit card I will have more success the next time. I have learned so much over the years about how critical good technology can aid in the documentation of an artist's journey. I came home exhausted from nothing more than being out in the wild fresh air and after a "happy family" Asian dinner I went for just a moment to rest on my bed. I slowly woke up to having the cat and the dog curled up beside me and sharing their body warmth on a cool evening. I think I am ready to work for about an hour and then must get back to some regular schedule of sleeping and eating. Ken is already down for the night and I am ready to find shelter in my messy but warm bedroom. Have a warm and safe night. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh, do post some of the floeting milkweed shots, even if blurry! There is always feel and inspiration in these.
    years ago when I modeled, of all the shots done one evening (and I assure you, there were LOTS!!!) there was this one pic that I had moved just a bit while holding the neck of my bass against the side of my face. A waist up shot, it seemed to convey everything about my feel for music. The photographer was stunned when I asked for a print......
    Blurry can be really GOOD!!!


  2. Another beautiful day today; hope you could enjoy it as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog too. Namaste