Sunday, October 18, 2009

My day in reflection and refraction of colors

I have spent the day with my process...
Making silent marks and planning for a tactile, beaded journey on a map yet to be revealed on a magical surface in colors
My mind is meandering much like the landscape that inspired the work I am cradling in my lap
Australia fills my mind's memory threads of burnt red skies and mysterious music rhythms
My stitches are slow and at times cumbersome but with patience and time
the invisible becomes real and visible to the passerby.
When this exploration reveals itself I find myself turning to a higher power in the recognition
in the power of words and images for equality for all mankind.
My words fail me to articulate the silent narrative in the pursuit of a human perfection... an honorarium to the ancestors who walked before me on sacred soil
or as close as this moment can reveal to me.
It is interesting to realize that years after a work may be finished... I am made aware of how much I have revealed about myself and my witness in time
Creation is so spiritual in this work and continues to express what my humble words fail to reveal.
I never travel alone on this journey ...because every experience... and every person's loving support gives me the strength to risk a very personal revelation.
Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. beautiful piece Mary Helen---I find myself looking at the fabrics (some of which I have) then the piece as a whole.
    I do really enjoy much to see.


  2. Love seeing this! Your sharing of your thought processes, your memories of the work, the marks...this is why I love making art, and connecting with others who do. THanks for sharing this. see it in person : )

  3. I really hope that people CLICK on the pictures to see your fantastic details. OMG it's just beautiful. Her sparklie hair just gives on energy. She made me smile. :)Bea

  4. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    And thank you Bea for the heads up on clicking. I would hated to have missed that.


  5. First time visitor to your blog...oh, my goodness! This quilt is wonderful! I love the energy in this work...all done by hand. You must be proud and happy.
    Mary (my name is Mary Helen too)