Tuesday, October 27, 2009

when patterns are broken...new worlds emerge Tuli Kupferberg

I have had a busy day but really nothing to really show you... I went to the post office to mail hand made Halloween cards for loved ones and ran into another grandparent mailing their Halloween cards. I then made a rainy day journey to Michael's to try to get a skeleton head paper punch by Martha Stewart for someone as the time is drawing near for the witching hour. I found a garland with dastardly wicked skeletons hanging from jute rope...did I need them well maybe not but I am sure they will end up as a scary embellishment for one of my supernatural dream works. I also found a rubbing of a great skeleton face and wicked spiders to transfer to ...whatever!!! Then I headed south on route 79 and cautiously made my way to JoAnn's Fabrics in search of Halloween buttons that usually they would put on sale the last days before the seasonal celebration and I was right. I found curious little candy corn buttons, skeleton heads , pumpkins and pirate buttons plus half price on their remnant stand. I love a bargain and I know they will all come in handy as I process and sort embellishments to be played with and not necessarily just for Halloween projects. I then hit my favorite McDonald's for a small pumpkin milkshake to renew my energy levels for the rest of the evening.

I have gone through many changes this past year and to be honest I still have certain fears that creep in as I say I am "working" and with the change I have once again realized that there are no guarantees in this life time. Ken was supervising his tutors over in Columbus so I had the day to putz around from laundry to collage to a sweet glass of green tea. I am making my marks daily now even when I do not always want to. I have reread some of my favorite Somerset magazines and washed a batik in vivid values of greens to be used in a piece this weekend. My right hand is terribly sore today from my intense chain stitching so I needed to perform other tasks that would allow my hand to get needed rest.

We have been invited to a Halloween fund raiser on Saturday and today I find out we need costumes ...Yikes!!!! Ken makes a great Jimi Hendrix or even funnier Steve Erkle for an old ABC TV program. I have no idea what I am suppose to come up with in such little time and should I take time away from my progress? I thought about a Grandma Pumpkin plan...I have some quilted fabric...a green turtle neck underneath.... brown leggings...silk flowers and sunflowers I picked up off the floor at Michael's and some funny pumpkin socks...I am still in a elemental planning stage and after tonight when I get some sleep I will see what I can sort out.

Ninety one years ago the Clark family opened a family tradition restaurant in Jacktown where homemade pies and the best fried chicken in the whole state...served family style...this jewel in the country will close on Sunday. Tom Clark said it just was not cost effective to try to stay open and he felt a real sorrow for having to close this well known treasure in Licking county. People are driving from hours away to wait for hours to enjoy their last Clark Chicken dinner as their family had enjoyed for generations. Ken and I had one of our first meals at Clark's when we were searching for a wooded landscape to build our cabin 24 years ago. Moma Clark open the little red cafeteria without a menu...just a good home-cooked fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings!!! It is maybe not the health foods we are suppose to eat more of but once in awhile a person can experience Heaven on Earth with the Clark family tradition. Farewell dear friends!

Take care and remember to Imagine Peace and have a great evening. Cuddle down in a warm, soft quilt.


  1. Mary Helen,

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day.....don't worry about the idea of *working*. You will fall into a groove with how your life is now. After I quit the doctors office (which wa so high paced) I did not know what to do with myself. I wandered.
    It takes time for us to readjust and accept the newer roles our bodies demand of us. It will be FINE----trust me!
    I am just hoping to be able to work today; got a lot done yesterday and woke this a.m. feeling a bit like a brick hit me straight on. Thats the pattern for now...so I have to go with it.
    Very sad about the restraunt---those are always the places I like to seek out and eat at. We have seen the good days of individual business lost to mass marketing. I hate it....it grieves me and ages me too!!! ;)


  2. I agree, Mary Helen, it sounds like a lovely day of finding your way and living in the moment. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I so enjoyed reading your blog while I had my morning coffee. :)Bea