Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lynd's Fruit picking time

It is late and yet I am feeling so grateful for the moments of the day. We rose in the chilly morning to catch a quick cup of coffee and and a bagel from MickeyD's and then off in a glorious charge to the fruit farm. We arrived with a few other young mothers and their charges in tow. We met with our tour guide and she helped us to understand how an apple tree starts and produces 85 different varieties of apples. The children were from 4 months up to the professional five year old. Due ti illness and such several of our group were home in bed. Then we were literally off to the golden delicious section of the orchard to twist twist twist our apples to fill the bags of our cherished fruits. I do believe the photos can say what I am too exhausted to coherently put together in sentences.

We had a big breakfast at Bob Evans and went home to make sweet apple crisp, some homemade bread and delicious chicken pot pie filling to dip our warm bread into and sop up all the juices. I said "we" but really I was spoiled by Erin because she and Cole did all the cooking for our Autumn feast. Ken went to teach his classes and we put our little ones down for a nap after being out in the fresh air this was relatively easy today. Instead of resting ourselves Erin and I relaxed on the couch and had time for a warm intimate conversation about "mother " concerns and what we are working on on the next couple of months. In the last five years I do not think we have had such a luxury to have 90 minutes to sit down, stop and chat with one another. Simple pleasures.

Dinner came and went and before we knew it it was time for us to head home to Newark. I hope you enjoy the photos and tomorrow we will have energy to fill in the gaps. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. hello, thanks for visiting me and for the kind thoughts
    best wishes

  2. What a perfect day! Oh, it all sounds so GOOD! Especially the chicken pot pie, which I've not made from scratch in ages.
    Apple crisp does not last here; I can eat a pan by myself, and I have no shame saying that! I love it!
    I just need someone to cook for me....too much to do, to little energy!


  3. It looka like you had so much fun. You haven't changed at all, cept I think you look like your mom.:) Let's get together soon

  4. What a wonderful day. When you think about it how amazing is a tree that grows something as beautiful as an apple and you can make so much with it.
    Ok, an orange tree but they don't grow in my area! lol Great pictures. :)Bea

  5. I feel so blessed to share my greatest gifts with others. The day was one for my heart and the rest of the day was even more memorable...Cole acted out the Best Damn Band in the Land and played his imaginary frums and marched up and down the family room...LOL!!! We are celebrating our 23rd anniversary with Tom and Dick Smothers at the Midland theater tonight.. we will meet 4 other couples and remember how
    Mom always liked you best!!!" . Remember the sunshine in our lives...Yes Deb I do so look like a queen size of my Mother! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Sorry I meant the Drums not frums!!! Be patient with me my brain is still healing. Peace, Mary Helen