Monday, October 19, 2009

Namaste to my dear friends...

My friend JoAnn is home safely in Naples,Fl but has discovered she has developed shingles on the back of her neck...this is such a painful situation and time will tell how long before she feels real relief. She received steroids to ease the pain and hopefully all will be well soon. She called as she was on her way to pick up Mary at the train station and today is Mary's birthday!!!! Woohoo! I hope you both felt well enough to go out and celebrate with dinner and wine toasts. Happy birthday dear Mary.

I went out near the end of the day to pick up medications and make a couple of errand runs. We had a clean out the refrigerator night so I did not have any cooking to do and the flavors had mellowed and mixed to be even better than before. I have received very encouraging words as I plod along on my quilt surface with one stitch after another. I am presently felting some old woolens in the washer with an idea to recycle into a cute Fall purse. I am making drawings and simple plans for the pattern...keep it simple silly always works for me and leaves me space and energy to add my favorite accents and buttons. I am hoping these fabrics will remain soft and hold their shape enough to appreciate the woven patterns and designs. Goodwill is a great lace to find woolen goods and sweaters to recycle creatively into a new accessory.

I worked on a simplified artist statement today and hopefully tomorrow I can purchase a safe box for shipping for my quilt and make arrangements to get this creation quilt into the mail. I get nervous when I have to send my work alone into the universe and have heard so many horror stories and mishaps. I made a soft cotton envelope and will wrap the information inside with the quilt. Then I will wrap the entire contents in a plastic addressed bag to insure from any possible "wet"damage in the transit phase to the final jury selection. Then I do a little dance and sing the hokey pokey and pray to St. Jude and St. Christopher for safe journeys. The Catholic church has really done a job on me in the last five decades!!!

Well I am back to work for tonight . Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. ROFLMAO!!!!!
    I love the line about the church----I've attended the Methodist church for 16 years and STILL do my Catholic stuff. It's like it never leaves you; was discussing that with a girlfriend the other day---some of it never leaves! Especially the saints.
    I had no idea how BIG that quilt was. It looked smaller in the close ups for some reason. Best of luck with it! Beautiful.....