Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my day in the sunshine...tomorrow it is a trip to Lynd's Apple farm....

Today after I went to the post office I found my way to a friend's "Memory Lane" to make several selections for my continued search for "fiber" design elements...stains and all. Business is very slow in the resale business downtown so I do try to make purchases to keep these vital small businesses alive and open for future use. The gentle people who run these small businesses help to collaborate my dreams and actualities. I found a few more buttons and hankies and linen runners to paint and transfer my photos onto in the expansion of stories . I found three ceramic crocks with lids and wonderful designs to add to my button storage ...they are beautiful and from 1968. I came home and selected buttons and washed them to discover that some were made from glass and when cleaned they were sparkling jewels to sew on one of my women.

Then I hit Goodwill and found a jean jacket to embellish for my grand daughter and some more buttons in an old plastic bag that I found to be quite intriguing in itself. I trimmed the edges and will sometime soon sew it into the button story. I discovered a shining butter dish I think...I will put some of my smallest beads in it as I attempt to pick them up with a quilting needle to hand sew them one at a time onto the surfaces on my quilted narratives. Lord please help me keep a steady hand and maintain my eyesight. Life sure does not get any better than this!!!

On my drive home I stopped to play with my camera...I found some wonderful rusty mailboxes and brilliant red trees and berries as another wood turner called out to me from the roadway to say Hello. I then went to my favorite farm to study and document the water pump, the small out building and simple but earthy mushrooms and fading glorious flowers to transfer with my women and their images bonded together on top the assemblages and small quilts I was under a strict supervision of one lone bull calf... oh bad boy was in "time out" from the small herd and found me somewhat amusing for a short time. I then drove a little closer to home and found a reflective pool that mesmerized my inner muse. This time a small pug dog guarded her front lawn and private territory but was in a quandary to watch this lady taking pictures of muddy puddles and foliage that was a brilliant gold, red and orange. I had an incredible day playing with my camera and hopefully when the snow is flying around my hill I will be able to SEE the colors Mother Nature gave me. I hope you enjoy my simple gifts and textures. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. OH! OH! OH! All the texture and color and just the feel of Fall! Absolutely wonderful photos---the mail boxes have to be my fav for texture, but the rose and the hydrangea......well, okay, I love them all!
    Those mail boxes do beg to be a fiber


  2. Yes great minds think alike. I can see using them in one of works about when distance separates family, sister, and dear friends. We are off to the apple orchard this morning! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart