Friday, October 2, 2009

a shared family of artists sharing a wonderful meal

Tonight we went to our dear friends Don 84 and Miss Betty 84 for an evening dinner filled with delicious foods and very good cheer. The LCA board were all invited as well as some other good friends who support the Arts, everyone had the opportunity to just sit down and rest after our busy weeks activities and just "be". The love was palpable in the room, multiple generations and situations to be with one another for a quiet evening of friendship. It sounds so simple doesn't it. I love being in this circle of people who think and share their passions and ideas; the sacredness is evident and the ritual of celebration is missing in so many aspects of our lives today. Gratitude is a small word and totally inadequate in expressing my appreciation for these special members of my heart's rhythms. Love is a powerful energy and acceptance is the returned gift.

The coolness of the day creeps into my energy for the day. I had to temper my ambitions today because my body was sending me messages to be still. You would think I would have learned this lesson by now but I still have to stop and" be still". I was afraid for a short time that something serious was going to invade my serenity and space. Trust is a quality I can not always have for my body's self defense system. With the extra rest, I was able to have a date night with my dear Ken and be with people I happen to love. The sky was awesome with a trilogy of gracious blues soothing the coming of a Harvest moon aglow in my night 's sky. I went outside with my guard dog...she would love you to death...and while were outside I felt the green cape of the trees canopy embracing my whole self body and soul. The rustle of movement on my hillside assured me that we are never alone on this planet. Like the tiny bird I found yesterday and thinking about her short life in flight reminds me that we radiate and generate an energy that touches all even those on the other side of our mother Earth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sorry I am having trouble with tonight's photos...maybe tomorrow if I am lucky. I am going to bed.


  1. Hello Mary. This is such a lovely poetical posting. You describes things so beautifully, you don't need to add pictures.

    Yes, I am so lucky to live in NZ. It really is such a green and peaceful place to live(as an aside, we've just been voted by the UN(?) to be the most peaceful place on earth).

    Big apologies for not coming by sooner. I find it really hard to get through all my favourites because I have so many of them! Lol.

    Do keep writing with such beauty - you are such a touching, compassionate soul.

  2. Thank you are so kind to stop by...we have a mutual friend...Mr. Seth and he inspires me to reach out with our sacred marks in our art processes. I went to New Zealand in 1994 for the month of September and it is so magical there. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart