Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is crazy but I am really starting to understand Larry David...

Sundays are for "Curb your enthusiasm" and tonight I do believe Larry David offended every religious belief and the Catholics are going to be in an uproar for weeks to come. How can 30 minutes can be filled with every personal belief that is confronted and professionally insulted. Then comes "Bored to Death" and the mindless mishaps of a writer who attempts to make a "living" as a private detective...throw in a some pot smoking and a bad Amazon ranking. "When the mind is nowhere... it is everywhere. When it occupies on tenth; it is absent in the other nine tenths."Takuan My mind must be in Detroit!

As you can see I have been scattering my mind to the glorious blue skies today and no, I do not smoke pot. I am puttering from one mindless job to the next and still feel I need more time in my 24 hour day. I had planned my day around a live-chat with Rice Freeman-Zachary who has written an interesting book Creative Time and Space where she interviews artists and visits their studios to share ideas and inspirations. Due to some technical difficulty we were unable to make a connection so I am hoping this can be rescheduled. I, then went on and ordered her book and a couple of others I have been thinking about...I think I have a serious problem with delayed satisfaction. Anyway here we go with another long night of working in the man cave on my quilt top and watch vintage movies of spooky delights.

I had an afternoon of music with the Black Eyed Peas and felting the "Joy rising" in Newark, Ohio. I am 59 years old and a grandmother of 6 and still I love the excitement of this diverse musical collaboration. "Tonight's going to be ...." make it whatever you feel in your heart and dance around your living room and know no one is watching as you incorporate some their dance moves into your routine....Please God I pray no one had a camera LOL! I felt good with just being one with the music and forgetting any inhibitions about age, weight, color, creed....etc. This image should make you smile if you are having a rough start on Monday morning and energize your spirits as your wild imagination runs free reign and you day dream while you receive your instructions and weekly directives from your boss. What is wrong with me tonight... but just remember "To fill the hour---that is happiness". Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my journal I wrote on a calendar entry I wrote in short hand attention... and you will find human effectiveness! I am not a doctor or counselor but my advice went in one ear and out the other. Lord help us all! Have a great evening as I get back to my "focus"...remember??? I have learned from the very best; my friend Larry David.

Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Hi Mary Helen. Thanks for writing on my blog tonight. Your journal about your adventures always inspires and humbles me, besides blowing me away! Maybe we can conceptually hula hoop together!

    I miss you and Kenny, and I'd love to meet all those grandkids! Eva is so cool at 5. I miss her so badly all the time and wish I could somehow be here and her nanny, too. Only I know it's really good for her to have all those classmates at her catholic school! She's a really social girly!

    Love, love, love, Susi

  2. I have learned the trick of one ear plug. That way when the advice goes IN, it can't run OUT! You grab the other earplug quick and shove it in and hope some of the advice sinks in!!!! LOL!
    Oh, I so hear you.
    My focus has been going in circles, which is not helping the completion of all the things that nee completing.
    Maybe it's the time of year...
    and dance all you wat; I stand in front of the parakeets singing and *dancing* and THEY seem to love it. thank God there are no hidden cameras. Oy.

    P.S. Have a good week dear!