Monday, October 5, 2009

Bryn Du two....

This is Mugsy the lovable bulldog ...he was painted by a wonderful friend / artist Mr. Art Perry. Don't you just love him...look at those adoring eyes. He sold today at the Bryn Du Mansion "Colors of Joy" exhibit. We went back to actually be able to see the works and I took some incredible photos today of this exhibit. Lynn Logan Grimes was the juror and personally it is a large one but the diversity deserves another look. The room was radiant with sunlight and it made taking the pictures rather easy. Every where I turned the colors seem to explode on the walls.

I then went out on the grounds and did some' just for fun" pictures of the incredible mansion grounds and out buildings. It was then time to stop in and see my dear friend Todd Camps and his students studying Pablo Picasso. It was so great to witness the arts alive in the classroom studio and discussions of personal expressions and abstract images. Ken and I visited the student gallery and I will show their self portraits on another day for future explosions of freedom. The freedom...the joy and the laughter ...oh to be able to the world of wonder through the eyes of a young child. There was no self critic judging their strokes or color was exhilarating to be there in a safe place to just be free. I was in love with the self portraits and wish I could be as free. Todd is an incredible teacher who begins and ends with where each student is when they arrive in the studio. I had the strongest urge to play with them and their wonderful supplies. The youngest class has begun an outdoor dinosaur made from reclaimed wood from a building site. I will have to check back in a few weeks to see how this group project develops.

The sky was a clear radiant blue and the berries on the trees seem to sprinkle in the wind with their own dance of Fall. The ginkgo trees were still sprouting their crowns in vibrant greens and fungus in the various tree trunks appear to be painted by the invisible hands of time passing. I may not be making too much sense right now because the fresh air has made me sleepy. I had an experience of looking into the rays of fleeting sunshine rippling in the tree tops. I need to get back to my work. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I absolutely LOVE Mugsy!!! No wonder he sold. Bet there was some really wonderful work there!
    Have a good one--hope it's a nice day there; overcast and icky here. Pooh!


  2. The rains will be here too also...I plan on having some more photos later when I do my next blog. My computer is working very slowly presently and I will let is rest for now. I have had a good day and a big bowl of black bean soup simmering on my stove. The house smells great!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart