Friday, October 9, 2009

Yo-Yo man is alive and well in Newark, OH

Ken went to work in the man cave and made a short video that brought pure joy in our family. This is the first time I via Mr. Ken , have added a video documentary film to my role as writer. Yesterday was such a great day...especially when Mr. Cole acted out the best damn band in the land OSU's marching band. He employed an upside down plastic golf bag and two small stick toys of some kind and proceeded to march up and down the family room with robust gusto. I laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants. As suddenly as he started he stopped and then rushed over to give my a full body hug that only a little two and half year child can perform. Morgan squealed with delight as her big brother rushed over to kiss his little sister's forehead. Thank you Ken for making this special video.

Judy Shepard was on Oprah today with the eleventh anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder in Wyoming. Today was the first time the House approved a new and hopefully effective legislation to end discrimination because of sexual preference, different beliefs and pure hatred crimes. Judy shared her journey in remembering her son's short life and her new book "The Meaning of Matthew's Life" just came out and with it the true life affirming stories of individuals fighting for equality and human rights we all desire here in America. Judy is one of the mothers I am portraying in my exhibit next year; another whisper and echo out to change the world for the better.

Today President Obama needs all the prayers and support we can attempt to muster in a sense of pride as he has won the Nobel Peace Prize for creating a climate for humane dialogue between divergent opinions but done with respect and acceptance of each voice. The universal goal is to have Peace on Earth. Don Quoxite (sp) still lives the impossible dream in many hearts of Americans who love and support the troops serving. Now at the same moment decisions have to be made about the two wars we are stuck in quicksand in ever being effective in making PEACE amongst peoples we know very little about and even less understand. I do not pretend to have an answer but tears will flow like rivers if we refuse to say no to a war nation on this globe. No one wins in any war.

Tonight we attended an amusing event/ happening in "Nerk", Ahia with Tommy and Dick Smothers...fifty years of laughter and thought provoking satire and music at the Midland Theater. Ninety minutes went way too fast for me and my sides were aching when we walked out into a gentle Fall rain. The Yo-Yo man...Tommy... did not fail to surprise us and delight in his mastery of the yo-yo. Murmurs of memories surrounded our heads as we made our journey to our cars and laughter and giggles were sprinkling the night air under a Harvest Moon. I was a freshman in college when they were fired from CBS and in many way politics today have not changed or progressed. Tommy said politics is derived from the Greek language with "poly" meaning many and "tics" as blood thirty blood suckers...well those were the words he used when he described the power struggles in DC today. I hate for the evening to end at the Midland...I am always leaving wanting more. Art saves Lives and makes us; forces us think and question if it is quality. We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary with 10 other friends that Ken taught school with and I have worked on in school residencies. We went to Del Cielo's for delicious Italian foods and great wines and just plain good cheer. The courthouse was lit up against a milky blue sky as we walked around the square to reach the Midland. It was a glorious night even if it did rain...the raindrops kissed my face and the sense of community and renewal flowed through my physical being. I have had two days that fill my being and spark my humble hands to move forward and create my stories to share. Have a warm and safe night. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The President has inherited the most woeful of situations with the wars. As a military wife, I can honestly say wars entered into without distinct exit stratigies are the WORST---you have to plan an EXIT before an ENTRANCE. I am proud that other countries are wise enough to see his outreach in an effort to bring the peoples of the planet together as opposed to pushing them further apart. Are we truly all so different??? Blood, flesh, bone, family......
    Sometimes I wonder about the times we live in, and question how the progress made in the years I was growing up has been legislated down the drains......
    Okay, morbidity setting in.
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  2. Thoroughly delightful post. What a fun video! Thanks for just being yourself. :)Bea