Saturday, October 24, 2009

a quiet day inside...rain still covers the skies with low clouds that seem to be in tune with the spooky seasons

I am watching the "Hound of the Baskervilles" with Holmes and Dr. is the old original and has been colorized (1959) with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee star in this classic that I loved as a child. Simple and almost tutorial in the cinema but the tarantulas are still spooky enough to give me the creeps as the brown spiders are attempting to come in from the oncoming cold winter seasons. I should be completing my packaging of my FAVA entry to be judged this week...I am procrastinating but I do have everything I need to get it shipped on Monday. I have grown used to having it hang in my husband's man cave but we will put up something else and hopefully share my creation vision with others if I am lucky. I am cooking chicken breasts in a heavy iron pot for a slow cooked meal and the rosemary is filling our home with an amazing fragrance. Tonight is movie night and Ken and I will stay in and just be together while I work on my next quilt top and the skeleton collage I am layering for my grand children. I need to finish and coordinate a survey I am contributing to tonight and get it off to a wonderful artist in New York. I discovered another blog that I have been in love with in the Somerset publications ...Tumble Fish Studio. You might want to check this site out for her very good witches creations and digital and mixed media artist with a spirit that is infectious and delights the child we all have inside. I am including two photos just because they make me smile...Cole wearing his latest T-rex pajamas and Miss Morgan making her crawling rounds in her latest pink outfit. What can I say...I am a very blessed grandmother!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Okay, I am sitting in the studio barefoot and a big brown spider cam TOO CLOSE and got to meet Mr. Webster's dictionary, therefore, my comment is short!!!
    You are such a busy girl....wait till I get this hip fixed! I shall be running after you!!!
    Now I'm going in before meeting another hairy spider; and my DH has football, baseball, blah blah blah on and no movies.
    POUT! >:(


  2. Oh I love Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. They used to frighten me with their movies when I was a child. Thanks for the heads-up on Spoonflower. That is a cute little baby up there! Who is that cutie pie?

  3. My cutie pie is Miss Morgan Elizabeth...she is the youngest and oh so huggable!!! She is 9 months old and a curious daring young spirit...just what I like in a woman! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Syewart