Friday, March 19, 2010

you bless daffodils are blooming and I am home...

I am home from the hospital and ever so grateful for the team of medical surgeons and neuro-surgeons who held me in the hands of the heavenly father and went into my brain and successfully acknowledged that I could begin once again to live my life without fear. My coils have now permanently sealed and the stint is still not working effectively to maintain my blood flow to the Circle of Willis near my optic nerve... but with the help of God's providence and grace a new artery has circumvented the stint to assist the continued blood flow. The team joked that I was in a state of total Zen and could maintain my lower blood pressure and slow my heart rate down and remain alert and calm as the doctor asked me questions and told me when the radio active iodine would surge inside my brain as they measured and documented the progression of healing that is now visible. I had to hold my breath at specific times but I had no fear...somehow I realized I was where I needed to be in this moment of time. I am very tired...and the headache is beginning to diminish with extra sleep and bed rest. My daughters have fed us both like kings and queens so with a few more quiet days I should be back to almost normal. I can now make an appointment with my eye specialist and we can move forward with a new prescription for glasses... I think I need to get a more durable but exquisitely colorful frames so I can continue my work is a priceless and I will never take it for granted. Your prayers have assisted me as I gather my courage from all my angels to move forward in my journey. Once again I realize that my spelling and typing will take some time to return to patient with me ...God is working with me on correcting this temporary setback.

I sat outside in the sunshine for a short time this afternoon and gazed into my little garden to discover the first small daffodils waving up to me to welcome me back home. You are all my daffodils and you bless me in my journey. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

It is miraculous how holding the hand of a beloved grandchild can energize and heal a weary spirit. May we all be bless in our circle of loved ones when we are deep in a heavy dark place in time... Cole and Morgan and baby number three on the way...the true gifts in our lives.


  1. So glad you're home and everything went well! I cannot imagine going through what you did, but you know---you do what you have to!!! And come out stronger.
    Take care my friend---I hope you are totally healed soon!


  2. So happy to hear you're home and healing. Yes, there's nothing like a grandchild to let you know there is a God and that child is a true blessing from Him.


  3. Whew, ok, I can breathe now. Constant internal chanting, constant sending of light and energy, constant requests that your guides, angels, loved ones from beyond keep watch by your side.
    And, now you are home and that is good. :)Bea

  4. I've offered many prayers for you and Ken and now I am offering a prayer of thankful that you did well. I will pray that you continue to heal and gain strength! Love to you and Ken.

  5. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. May you have complete healing and renewed energy to enjoy all the beauty and art and loved ones in your life.

  6. Gosh, you have had a time of it, haven't you? You are very brave to go through that and I'm so glad you have come out on the road to better health.

    I adore my Grandchildren - in face my daugter and her youngest daughter (12) are coming to visit tomorrow for 3 days. We live in Ireland so I hope the weather is kind.

    Love to you. xx