Tuesday, March 30, 2010

try to be healthy during Spring Break....

I now know why it was difficult to get into my neurologist today...he is a gentle spirit who worked me in today but he was the only doctor in the office due to Spring break. After my examination, further discussion to my procedure and my incident on Saturday...he is advising me to have an MRA and MRI (with radioactive dyes to pinpoint specific areas affected) for brain, head and neck. I may have thrown a blood clot and will never ignore this timely warning sign again. (I have no idea why I am getting different type right now!) I went to have preliminary blood work and on Friday go in to the imaging center here in Newark to investigate what is happening. Until then I am to take it easy and rest and ignore all stress...Yeah like that is an easy thing to do. I called one daughter and visited my other daughter who is home for her girls Spring break and then went home to bed. The fatigue is a normal side effect of this after effect so I will sit out on the deck and enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

Tonight we had delicious left overs and I checked my emails and I am going to bed. My tea buddy Lennie sent me to a live video cam of momma Owl hatching her little babies. I can not wait to send the children so they can explore Nature up close and still be home. Thank you for all your support. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Let's saddle up girls...we are going on a rough trail!


  1. My first thought on arising this morning was to check into your blog and see how you are doing and you didn't disappoint me with your posting. Incidentally, I love your cowgirls and the sentiment. I am a cowgirl wanna-be! Do listen to your body in the next few days and know you are in my thoughts and prayers. And, enjoy Mamma Owl. Lennie

  2. Please do rest....take care of you!!! I'm concerned with what you shared. We need you dear!!!
    Sending white light and love your way.


  3. REST, soak in the sun, REST, drink tea, soak in the sun, visit with family and friends, REST, soak in the sun and know that you have many thinking good thoughts for you. :)Bea

  4. Sending you peace filled thoughts while visualizing obstacle free streams flowing by wild flower lined river beds, warm sun bathes you, birds serenade, and all you need to do in this very moment is soak it in... breathe and know you are loved. xox