Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where did my day go?

I stayed home all day and I feel like I have been running around on one of those little circles in a gerbil run and run but you never seem to get anywhere. I have washed all ...well almost all of my wonderful vintage fibers in a pre-soak and gentle cycle on my old Maytag Maggie. I actually washed a little too much because because I try to air dry them over night and then check them out in early morning light of day. They are drying on my kitchen counters, my furniture in the living room, the bathroom downstairs and up, my ironing board in my studio and on my studio table and studio chair. I love holding these precious threads as they begin a new life in my process...I have selected some of the imperfections to adhere on a board for my attempt to print with a fabric thoughts are also about what will happen if I can remove them with the remnants of inks and paints after i make a print...I have never done this before so I am telling myself to "Just Play".

I made the final adjustments for the dinosaur wall hanging for my dear Marshall Cole's third birthday on Sunday. We will spend the day over there on Saturday so I can care for my little angel Morgan..boy do I sound like a grandmother? The rest of the family will attend a special theater performance and then come home for a family game night. Sunday morning we are having a dino breakfast with Safari hats and special pancakes and treats for the day. The sun is suppose to come out on Sunday and tonight we are having snow flurries and thunder...the sun is coming back soon. I need to add the buttons to the dinosaur wall hanging so I will keep this a short spurt of activities in my day.

Tomorrow we are going to have a date...if we can both stay awake and walk around the courthouse square and taste different chocolates and see the art galleries openings and galas. I promised Ken we would be home in time to see the Ohio State University basketball game. March Madness has taken over my family...the phone keeps ringing as they each check on the latest scores. My sister is even getting into the fever pitch of fun :o). I want to sit still tomorrow and finish my Snow Moon piece and get some final photographs. I received a message today with the message to "seek understanding" in others and with my hands busy I realize how fortunate I have been in my life to have such a wonderful circle of creative artists. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am the hamster in a have aptly described my whole day yesterday, and I am pretty sure what today will bring too!
    I have a mountain of laundry and ironing I cannot make excuses for any monger---thus, in between some more studio clean up, the real drudgeries!!!
    I'll run faster, for both of rest for your date!!! ;)


  2. Dinos...what little child doesn't like dinos!!?? When my almost 10 year old grandson was much younger, I told him dinosaurs were still around, he looked at me in horror and asked where they were hiding...I told him to just look up into the sky and he'd see them flying around. He looked at me with a very cross face and said, "Meema, those are birds not dinosaurs." LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend and please take care of yourself. The art gala sound and Ken enjoy.


  3. Oh how little Marshall Cole is going to love that Dinosaur wall hanging, I hope you capture his expression when he sees it! In any case, I'll be singing him a little Happy Birthday ditty on Sunday!

    I celebrated a bit of sunshine this afternoon with a cup of that delightful TEA from Petali that you sent to me. Now, with a name like "French Lemon Cream", it's gotta' be good! And so it was! Absolutely delicious! Thank you again, Tea Pal of Mine, Lennie