Monday, March 15, 2010

down the rabbit more ways than one...

Calling all angels....prayers and circles of healing are needed for a gentle giant and friend...Tony. He has been admitted with fluid on his heart and his kidneys are not working adequately which results in shortness of breath and ill at ease with his body. I think of Tony as one of my little brothers...we spent many a lunch time in the gallery solving the world's problems and discussing alternative avenues for artists to create their artistic lives. His sensitivity and enormous strength for kindness has nourished this man of many talents. His wood working is spiritual and I am so lucky to have several of his pieces in out home and I gave Ken one for his Christmas in 2009. Ken loves him for their golf games and adventures on numerous golf courses in the area. They have bonded and attempted to discover ways that could possibly control some of my impulsive child like behaviors...good luck boys :o). You are in and will stay in my prayers until you are healthy enough to be out on the golf courses and debate how to improve your swings. Be well and get strong dear friend...we need you in our lives.

I hand washed some more vintage and somewhat stinky ribbons, laces and trims to us in my small assemblages. They are amazing after the careful hand washing and the colors are revived and now are easily softened to hand sew into a frame of sort. I also wash a hand crocheted...I think design element in the design of an eagle for one of my Mexico voices in the Aguilar sisters narrative. I washed in in my old Maytag... I know it is old and if it can survive the wash cycle with my towels it will work for an addition layer for the sisters series.

I began a small one week down the rabbit hole collaboration with the clues given for each day and interpreted in each artist's own vision. I discovered a hand painted fabric that I created with two friends in August of 1994 with Susie Shie and Marge Burkell and myself. Now I will add some jewel tones with my small Seta Colors before I cut apart and reconstruct the story piece. Have a great evening and wish me luck. Sleep safely Tony. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The game table on the top is one of Tony's example of his woodworking and the second piece is made from a rare Australian wood and he was guided by the voice in the wood itself....breath taking beautiful craftsmanship.


  1. He will be in my prayers. Lovely wood work.
    Hope you are feeling well these days.

  2. Consider it done. And, I will be holding you in my thoughts and prayers too. :)Bea

  3. You are all my angels...spirits of good light to heal a weary soul. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart