Thursday, March 4, 2010

I think the thaw has begun....

Today there was a foreign object on my horizon...
the bluest sky opened up this morning...
a cathedral began to crystallize ...radiate...reflect...aa new beginning slowly unfolding
I can see small shadows dancing on the hillside as if a ballet was performed just for my pleasure...
the ice crystals are like for a day trip for daydreaming and seeing the cracks in the cold veil splintering...
the light is breaking through the darkness from the winter's cloak...
I can feel the change
I expect miracles
I see miracles
I am a miracle
Still Here.

The ground is unveiling my hidden objects under the snow own wabi-sabi is taking place and there is a beauty in the progression of rust painting it's voice in on the disintegration of a metal surface. My coffee pot from 1950' has shown very little transition in it's surface design elements. I want to create a metal mixed media sculpture of a woman... I won't say how this will be completed but honestly I am enjoying the exploration of using unfamiliar materials. The collagraph materials are coming together ...I still have issues with how will I print my final series of maybe three if I am lucky. I do know where there is a small press in Granville and maybe I will be able to use it on both my fabrics and papers.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the curator for the gallery to begin to finalize plans for the last three months before ...when I say this out loud I feel fear creeping in. I remember to tell myself...."Do the work...daily and the rest will follow" I feel as if I am revealing my own unveiling of self...raw...fragile... and frail. It is worth the risk. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love these snow photos and it makes me realize that Spring is a bit closer for us here in Virginia than it is for you. We still have snow but more green grass and mud are appearing and the daffodils are poking up thru the frozen earth. A small miracle in itself. Still working on your tea bag, but I'll mail it off by Monday, I promise. Lennie

  2. I love this transition...just beautiful!

  3. Lennie this is so much fun for all of us.:o) I almost have yours ready dear friend so watch your snail mail mailbox. I so hope you will like what I have selected for you and you can relax on Tea for Tuesday. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart :o)