Tuesday, March 23, 2010

gladiators sandals and an ikat clutch with beading...

I should have been working but instead I read my emails and visited Anthropologie for a splash of colors...lime...rich indigo.. orange fandango. I am so ready for a change in the weather and the warmth of sunshine to greet me every morning. I have been gathering baby gifts for my niece's first baby boy and her shower is on Sunday so I need to get things wrapped up and to the post office tomorrow. I also have to cut out small fabric crows for my Crow Moon piece and hope to applique them into the view of a opalescence moon. My day has been a slow one and I do think the weather has been oppressive and aggravates my headaches. I did not feel very alert until late into the afternoon so I will work tonight to release my frustrations.

The Anthropologie online store offers a breath of fresh air with their wonderful embellished clothing, bright sandals, creative home furnishings...all to delight the senses and our sensibilities for the oncoming warmer season and greenness outside our windows. I can not afford to purchase sadly but I do find this environment invigorating for inspiration. A little young in the clothes styles and mini sizes many times but the details are worth checking out. Someone out there is buying these unique items so there is Hope for the Art World...first Health care...tomorrow a better economy to encourage beautiful handcrafted sacred works for their homes and businesses.

Last night I began my research on an extraordinary woman who worked as a char woman by day and made exquisite spiritually inspired paintings at night that were inspired by her religious beliefs and "possible" guardian angels. I have ordered the movie of her life and her discovery and pure dedication to her passions and Art between 1905 and 1912 from a small community Senlis outside of Paris. A German collector who also collected Picasso and Rousseau and a woman who expressed her very soul names Seraphine. I still need so much more information but the examples of her paintings drew me in with her precision and harmony of hand mixed colors...a true oneness with Nature around her. I already know this ends in tragedy but I still feel pulled to create a narrative dedicated to her sad and tragic life.

Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Prayer Page for Peter ...hand-dyed, printed with Japanese leaves, hand quilted and chain stitch with tiny delicate beads...26" by 33"

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  1. Anthropologie has to be one of my favorite stores - just seeing how they decide to arrange things, putting colors and patterns together that would never occur to me... they do inspire!
    I've been absent in blog land, but have been thinking about you a lot- it makes me happy to feel your energy shining so brightly!! I hope your healing is going smoothly and that the surgical procedure accomplished all you hoped for. sending thoughts of peace and love, Karin