Monday, March 8, 2010

ordinary courage.... found in ordinary lives...

Ordinary courage is found in hidden in plain view...often we may walk right by and not see the power of living in the moment .

I have had a rough day ...I got up early and failed to take my needed time for intermittent rest periods. My glands are somewhat swollen and my typing is not up to par. I do know how to spell still...yet my fingers do not always hit the correct keys and reversals can sometimes be out of control at least. The sun was brilliant today and in my little car through the glass amplified the warmth I have been missing. I apologize for my lack of cohesive language ... I am sure my meds have some effect on how my brain is functioning. I think the bed is calling me...and for once I think I am going to give in . Please forgive me. My watching over me...she seems to appears when I need her today. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am searching for my courage.


  1. It's there Mary Helen.
    Just will come to you.


  2. Rest,sleep, dream of projects and beautiful things. Sleep some more, we'll still be here. I'm not going anywhere that I know of. Rest :)Bea

  3. Please listen to your body, if it's telling you to rest, rest, if it's telling you to party=hardy, rest, if it's telling you to eat a gallon of your favorite ice cream...listen and act!! Hope I brought a little smile into your world today, my friend. I'm in hysterics right now because my 24 year old son is singing, "Old McDonald," in his bedroom....doesn't know I'm listening!! How random is that!!??!!??

    Take care and rest...lot of it, stat!!


  4. Mary - You are one of the most courageous people I know. I often think of your courage when my own crumbles. Here's hoping you are getting the rest you need - know that my family is sending healing thoughts your way! Julie

  5. Thinking of you and hope you are having a better day today. Try to get the rest that will help you through.

  6. I hope you listen to the signs telling you to rest.
    So nice of you to blog about my piece, I am grateful to you for that. Thanks for the lovely blog comment too. I very much appreciate you looking and commenting.
    Keep well and I hope the week gets so much better for you.