Wednesday, March 24, 2010

500 ART Quilts.... a celebration of needle and thread

Today the sun was shining and the rains are returning tomorrow so I went around town and drove myself to my post office, my bank, Memory Lane for my chocolate walk ticket for Friday night's Art Walk and then I went to pick up a few items for my auction designs and layers at Micheal's, visited an dear old friend who is dealing with saying goodbye to her dearest friend...her beloved husband who is now in Hospice care. I stopped by my daughters to check on her sprained ankle and to check in with the girls and then went to the grocery to select some mangoes, pears, blueberries and blackberries to boost my healing powers ... yes I said positive healing powers. Now I am free to work all day tomorrow when the rains come and spend the day wrapping a few birthday gifts for my Marshall Cole who will be three on Sunday. I will babysit with Miss Morgan so the rest of the crew can enjoy a Disney theater production at the downtown Palace Theater. Then we will have a small intimate family party...a exclusive dinosaur dig with the head gear to decorate for each child's party treat to take home to perform their archeology dig in their backyards. I know this party is for the children but I am really getting excited ...where did the time go? I remember the day/night when Cole was is just like it was yesterday. I am so blessed with the children who hold tight to my heart.

My Amazon order came today and I got two incredible celebrations of the Art Quilt Movement over the last thirty years. The photography is exceptional and the artists are friends of mine who I can celebrate this united forum for sharing the art made from hands and hearts. The second book is by Sherrill Kahn and is chock full of lessons to experiments with surface development for future narrative works. The demonstrations and illustrations make me want to start right now but I will complete my Snow Moon and Crow Moon quilts first so I won't feel guilty about starting another project right now. I went to the Goodwills; both of them and then went to St. Vincent's Thrift shop to discover some elegant vintage pieces that I will hand treat and them soak and then wash tomorrow... to be embellished and transferred with photo images and context clues to tell the stories. Whenever I purchase these precious discarded fibers and buttons and such I feel as if I am recovering a legacy from another woman's lost voice. I can hardly wait to share with you time I will have my photographer friend help me with her professional art skills so they will eventually go into a small book. I am feeling good and tired tonight but I really felt as if this was a very productive day and my dream is beginning to fill my horizon.

My Tea mate Lennie sent me a wonderful article about Celestial Teas from the Washington Post. I will closely read and digest this Joy from my newly found friend with tomorrow's breakfast ... I am going to invite you all to my exhibit and its opening if you are able to make it. I promise to get the documentation together for those who are limited by time, energies and family commitments but know in my heart you all are my wings of support...I will fly and pay homage to the women who came before me and the gifts they have given me. I am still enjoying Lennie's wonderful selection of teas...I just cannot choose a favorite one yet...more research.

Now it is time to get back to work...until the morning I pray you find serenity in your sweet dreams. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Only I know the secret about what my darling Hannah Marie is up to at the dinner table :o)


  1. Love what you are doing with the full moon project. Nice book selections also. I am going to post them on my blog as well and also a link to your blog if that is okay. Senidng healing thoughts your way Mary Helen.

  2. Lovely post and the smurf glass brings back memories! :)
    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours!

  3. Hannah is my own little Smurf...she was totally naked after her bath and was ready to I asked her where are your clothes young lady and she just shrugged her shoulders...Mom was not home from work yet so I told her she had better get in her drawers and find her silky nightgown. I know that is one she really likes. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Well it sounds like you are doing better day by day, so remember that you are "fearfully and wonderfully made", and enjoy what each day brings. I am so happy you are enjoying your tea times and the teas I sent, in the end it was the writing on the packaging that got to me! Now to treat myself to yours, it's a mighty rainy day in Virginia, the perfect time. Have a good day. Lennie