Wednesday, March 25, 2009

project runway in my background and daily OM

I have a hodgepodge of influences in my actual work process. I have been writing in my women's journal (especially the notes I rapidly took at Queen Brooks and her generous artist talk), listening to project runway and their problem solutions and listening to my daily inspirational music on daily OM. Today's music is about the great teacher...water. It shows us how to move with an ease, grace, to move through the world in determination and ease.The flow of energies and breaks and rings remind us of the process in making our own marks in our own valid manner. Today a gentle rain is invigorating my awakening garden and the lilies are bursting forward as well as the clematis. Just by looking at a resting clematis during the frigid winter months you never know if it really will come back and bloom once again. I am fortunate enough to have a deep violet variety outside my door but I have been drawn to Zinnias and their rainbow of colors...Are they hard to grow? Do my dear deer enjoy them on their salad bar? I have already decided to move my vegetables over to Tina's house because I doubt if they get many deer right off Main Street. I just love the anticipation of Spring.
Erin called yesterday and they have found a house in Reynoldsburg right off Broad Street. It seems they really like having grandparents nearby to be with the little ones. Chance has a rough schedule with working nights and we all can appreciate how this can affect the normal bio-ryhthmns in family life. Ken will go through the house inspection tomorrow so let us hope they receive great news. I am so happy to have my girls nearby and raising their beautiful families right in our backyard. It is the ease of just spending time with simple activities like a walk outside exploring through the eyes of a very curious child. My life is made up of small moments in time with those I love. I am so proud of how hard working you, my children have grown to be and what loving parents you are. Thank you for creating spiritual rituals and fun experiences that I look forward to sharing with my grandchildren this summer.
I have continued in my sorting exercises for my "Ramona" pieces and I can't explain the feelings I have when I hold their marriage certificate and family photos in my hands as I decide how to best incorporate whispers from Ramona's life as an artist. I continue to collect the fragile fibers and fabrics with handwork on them so I will run out real soon for my Goodwill run and treasure hunt. Have a peaceful day and take time to see the buds and blooms coming to life in the moist earth. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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